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Thread: Bakery Story Game Guide

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    Coins Boost Available on version 1.7.8.

    You can earn x2 coins from your customers using this boost for 2 hours while your boost is active. You can purchase this boost with gems (or watch a video if you have the option). Watching video for coin boost is a promotional feature which comes and goes to random players.

    1. Click Coins Boost icon at the top of your screen
    2. Select [5 gems] or [Watch Ad] to activate it
      You will see a popup "Your Coins Boost is now activated."

    Note: This does not apply to tips collected.

    Discussion thread:

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    Regular Game Goals

    These regular game goals start at Level 1. There's no time limit so they remain in your Goal List until completion.

    1. New Bakery Goals

    Goal Information
    Spoiler: show
    Quote Originally Posted by Dabag
    New Bakery Goals

    Items provided:
    1 drink machine. 1 oven
    3 white tables. 3 white chairs
    3 mocha counters

    Level 1 appliances 2 order slots 2

    1. Cup of Joe. Rewards 750 coin 1xp
    . Serve Coffee. 5 min drink machine

    2. Brownie Points. Rewards 750 coin 1xp
    . Start Baking Brownies . 1 min oven

    3. Busy Time! Rewards 1,000 coin 1xp
    . Buy A Table . Design Tab
    . Buy A Chair . Design Tab

    4. Place Settings . Rewards 750 coin 1xp
    . Place 1 White Table . Design Tab
    . Place 1 White Chair . Design Tab
    . Have 4 Counter . Design Tab

    5. Cake Decorator. Rewards 1,000 coin 1xp
    . Buy 2 Wall Decorations . Design Tab
    . Serve Brownies

    6. The Next Step. Rewards 750 coin 1xp

    . Prepare Chocolate Cookies . 5 min oven
    . Have 5 Counters . Design Tab

    7. Room to Grow. Rewards 2 gem 3xp
    . expand to 8 X 10 .(available at Level 4)
    No neighbors required, 20,000 coin OR 20 gem

    8. Oven Fresh. Rewards 750 coin 1xp
    . Serve Chocolate Cookies

    9. Personal Touch. Rewards 2,500 coin 3xp
    . Buy 17 Floor Tiles . Design Tab
    . Buy 2 Wallpaper . Design Tab

    10. Aunt Loretta s Test. Rewards 2,500 coin 3xp
    . Prepare Peach Cobbler . 3hr oven
    . Prepare Espresso . 4hr drink machine
    . Have 6 Counters . Design Tab

    11. The Hot Spot. Rewards 2,500 coin 3xp
    . Have 5 Tables . Design Tab
    . Have 5 Chairs . Design Tab

    12. Cobbler, Coming Right Up! Rewards 2,500 coin 3xp
    . Serve Peach Cobbler. 3hr oven
    . Serve Espresso. 4hr drink machine

    *Level 5 unlocks: appliance slot 3

    13. New Neighbors. Rewards 3,000 coin 10xp
    . Set your Storm8 ID.

    *Level 6 unlocks: expansion 9x12
    There is a goal #22 for this expansion if you wait a bit.
    Expanding arrows show up now as well, tap on arrow for expansion requirements

    14. The Long Haul. Rewards 3,000 coin 10xp
    . Prepare 3 Brownies
    . Serve 3 Brownies
    . Prepare Coffee

    15. Baker Buddies. Rewards 3,000 coin 10xp
    . Visit 3 Bakeries . tap VISIT
    . Leave 9 Tips.
    Tap tables while visiting, costs you nothing. does not use your coins

    16. A Friend Indeed. Rewards 3,000 coin 10xp
    . Add 1 Neighbor. tap INVITE, will take you to the Social Menu

    17. A Ray Of Sunshine Rewards 3,000 coin 10xp
    . Buy 2 Windows . Design Tab

    18. Loretta s Recipe Share. Rewards 5,000 coin 10xp
    . Visit 5 Bakeries . tap VISIT
    . Leave 15 Tips . tap tables

    *Level 7 unlocks: 10 x 13 expansion
    Required in the BREAD OVEN GOALS #6

    19. What s In The Oven. Rewards 5,000 coin 10xp
    . Prepare and Serve Any 5 Recipes

    20. Great Minds Bake Alike. Rewards 5,000 coin 10xp
    . Add 1 Neighbor. Tap Invite

    21. Elbow to Elbow. Rewards 5,000 coin 10xp
    . Buy 2 Chairs .
    . Buy 2 Tables .
    . Have 7 Counters.

    22. Can t Stand The Heat. Rewards 2 gem 10xp
    . Expand to 9 X 12. (Lv.6)
    No neighbor required 40,000 coin OR 20 gem

    23. Melt In The Mouth. Rewards 10,000 coin 15xp
    . Serve 1 Espresso. 4hr drink machine
    . Serve 2 Red Velvet Cookies(Lv.5) 3hr Oven

    24. This Old Bakery. Rewards 10,000 coin 15xp
    . Buy 10 Floor Tiles . Design Tab
    . Buy 3 Wallpaper . Design Tab

    25. Vegetation. Rewards 7,500 coin 30xp
    . Buy 2 Potted plants

    2. Classic Bread Oven Goals

    Goal Information
    Spoiler: show
    Quote Originally Posted by Dabag

    The classic bread oven has 2 recipes unlocked
    Must do the goals to unlock the other 2 recipes

    First Set to Unlock Bread Oven
    Appliances Required :
    Basic Oven & Basic Drink Machine

    1. First Impressions. Rewards 10, 000 coin 40xp
    . Serve 5 Recipes

    2. Worldly Flavor. Rewards 5,000 coin 5xp
    . Prepare 2 Croissants. 2hr oven

    3. Ze Grande Insult! Rewards 8,000coin 8xp
    . Serve 2 Croissants

    4. Seating Arrangements. Rewards 7,500 coin 30xp
    . Have 10 Tables
    . Have 10 Chairs
    . Have 8 Counters
    existing ones do count, but you may have to buy more

    5. Keeping Up with Jean-Pierre. Rewards 1 gem 40xp

    . Expand to 10 x 13
    200,000 coin OR 20 gem

    6. 2 Vs. 1. Rewards 10,000 coin 40xp
    . Ask a Friend to be your Baking Assistant

    *Level 9 unlocks 12 x 15 expansion
    7 neighbors & 1,000,000 coin OR 20 Gem

    7. The First Challenge. Rewards Rewards 10,000 coin 40xp
    . Serve 2 Strawberry Cake 4hr oven
    . Serve 1 Espresso 4hr drink machine

    *Level 10
    unlocks 13 x 16 expansion. 10 neighbors & 2,000,000 coins OR 40 Gem
    Also unlocks appliance slot (4)

    8. Gossip. Rewards 10,000 coin 40xp
    . Visit 5 Other Bakeries. Community board
    Neighbor shops do not count
    . Leave 15 Tips at Other Bakeries
    Tipping neighbors does count here

    9. The Second Challenge. Rewards 10,000 coin 40xp
    . Serve 2 Chocolate Cherry Trifle 8hr oven
    . Serve 1 Egg Nog 8hr drink machine

    10. The Third Challenge. Rewards 10,000 coin 40xp
    . Serve 2 Carrot Cake 12hr oven
    . Serve 1 Hot Chocolate 16hr drink machine

    11. The Fourth Challenge. Rewards 15,000 coin 50xp
    . Serve 2 Fruit Tarts 6hr oven
    . Serve 1 Sparkling Cider 6hr drink machine

    12. The Final Challenge. Rewards 15,000 coin 50xp
    . Serve 2 Chocolate Cakes 1hr oven
    . Serve 1 Mocha 30 min drink machine

    13. To The Victor Rewards 15,000 coin 50xp
    . Serve 2 Celebration Cupcakes(Lv.10) 6hr oven
    . Serve 1 Sparkling Cider(lv.7) 6hr drink machine

    * unlocks: Classic Bread Oven
    20,000 coin 10 Brick 10 Mortar

    14. A New Oven! Rewards 2 gem 20xp
    . Start Building the Classic Bead Oven
    Too many appliances? Put one in storage!

    15. Brick N Mortar Rewards 15,000 coin 30xp
    . Visit 2 Neighbors
    *awards 2 Mortar

    16. #1: The Muffin Hustle Rewards 17,500 coin 60xp
    . Prepare Any 10 Recipes
    . Serve Any 10 Recipes
    * awards 3 Bricks

    17. In It Together Rewards 20,000 coin 70xp
    . Add A New Neighbor

    18. Extra Hands Rewards 22,500 coin 75xp
    . Ask 2 Neighbors to be Baking Assistants

    19. New Horizons Rewards 2 gem 60xp
    . Visit 10 Other Bakeries
    Neighbors do not count
    . Leave 30 Tips at Other Bakeries

    20. #2: The Snob Job Rewards 1 gem 60xp
    . Spend 50,000 coin on Decorations
    Tables, Chairs & Counters do NOT count
    * awards 2 Mortar

    *Level 14 unlocks: order slot #5

    21. #3: The Seat Cheat Rewards 17,500 coin 60xp
    . Have 12 Tables
    . Have 12 Chairs
    . Have 9 Counters
    Existing ones do count
    *awards 3 Bricks

    22. #4: Chamomile Deal Rewards 20,000 coin 35xp
    . Serve 2 Chamomile Tea 1hr drink machine
    * awarded 2 Mortar

    23. #5: The Sweet Tooth Rewards 20,000 coin 35xp
    . Serve 2 Chocolate Milkshakes 8hr drink machine
    *awarded 1 Brick

    24. #6: The Love Bug Rewards 20,000 coin 35xp
    . Serve 2 Love Potions 1day drink machine
    SENT mortar request to 6 nbrs.
    *awarded 2 Mortar

    25. #7: The Test Bun Rewards 17,500 coin 60xp
    . Serve 2 Hot Cross Buns 1hr oven

    * awards: Helpful Loretta (Floor Decoration)

    26. #8: Return of Jean Pierre Rewards 20,000 coin 70xp
    . Serve 4 French Bread 3hr Bread Oven
    . Get 2 French Flag Toothpicks from neighbors

    *unlocks: 1st goal recipe Stone Ground Miche

    27. #9: Stone Ground Miche Rewards 20,000 coin 70xp
    . Serve 2 Stone Ground Miche 6hr Bread Oven

    * unlocks: 2nd goal recipe L Amour Special

    28. L amour Special Rewards
    . Serve 2 L amour Special 12 hour Bread Oven

    *awarded : Helpful Jean Pierre Floor Decoration

    3. SweetCo Goals

    Goal Information
    Spoiler: show
    Quote Originally Posted by Dabag
    SweetCo Goals

    SweetCo Station: 4 Screw . 4 Red Potion

    4 Recipes:
    Fluffalanche (1hr)
    Caramel Supremo(4hr)
    Lil Devils (5hr.)
    King Sweet 1day

    #1. I ve Got A Raffle Ticket
    . Hide 1 Raffle Ticket
    . Serve 2 Coffee (5min) (skip 2 gem)
    . Serve 2 Hot Chocolate (16hr)(skip 2 gem)
    REWARD: 2,610 coin. 70 xp

    #2. Raffled Feathers
    . Ask Community for 8 Raffle Tickets(skip 40 gem)
    . Serve 8 Sugar Cookies (22hr) (skip 8 gem)
    REWARD: 2.650 coin. 70 xp

    #3. One Lucky Winner
    . Serve 14 Celebration Cupcakes(6hr)(skip 14 gem)
    . Buy 2 Counters (skip 4 gem)
    . Tell 6 Neighbors You ve Won!(skip 25 gem)
    REWARD: 2,700 coin. 75 xp

    Goal #4, #5, #6 appear when Goal #3 Completed

    #4. Take A Sweet Seat
    .Have 6 SweetCo Chairs 3,200 each (skip 12 gem)
    .Have 6 SweetCo Tables 6,000 each. (skip 12 gem)
    (tables locked until Goal #6 completed)
    REWARD: 2gem 90 xp

    #5. What A Whimsical World
    . Buy 8 SweetCo Swirl Wallpaper 2,000each (skip 16 gem)
    . Buy 24 SweetCo Sprinkles Floor Tiles 5,000 each(skip 48 gem)
    REWARD: 2,910 coin. 80 xp

    * award: 1 SweetCo Station
    (find in your appliance tab)

    6. A Bitter Loser
    . Serve 10 Strawberry Cheesecakes(8hr)(skip 10 gem)
    . Serve 12 Rasberry Macarons(Lv.12 . 1hr(skip 12 gem)
    REWARD: 2,750 coin. 75 xp

    * unlocks SweetCo Tables in Goal #4.

    Goal # 7 & # 8 appear when Goal #5 completed

    #7. Proof Is In The Frosting
    . Build 2 SweetCo Stations (skip 2 gem)
    (20,000 each. 4 screw. 4 red potion)
    * award from Goal #5 counts towards this task
    . Buy 2 SweetCo Frosting Waterfalls(skip 4 gem)
    (20,000 coin each. Wall decoration Tab)
    REWARD: 2,870 coin. 80 xp

    * award: 1 SweetCo Cupcake Tree
    (look in your Floor decoration Tab)
    * unlocks: SweetCo Cupcake Tree

    #8. The Secret Ingredient
    . Pay 40,000 coins for Magic SweetCo Sugar(skip 2 gem)
    . Serve 20 Fluffalanche Cupcakes (1hr)(skip 20 gem)
    . Have 2 SweetCo Cupcake Trees (2 X 2 )(skip 4 gem)
    *15,000 coin each. Award from Goal #7 counts towards this task
    REWARD: 3,200 coin. 90 xp

    * Award Recipe: Caramel Supremo

    #9. Natasha s First Masterpiece
    . Serve 25 Caramel Supremo (4hr)(skip 25 gem)
    REWARD: 3,280 coin. 95 xp

    * award Recipe: Lil Devil Cupcakes

    #10. A Devilish Dessert
    . Serve 30 Lil Devil Cupcakes(5hr)(skip 30 gem)
    REWARD: 3,500 coin. 95 xp

    * Award Recipe: King Sweet Cupcakes

    #11. Recipe Royalty
    . Serve 35 King Sweet Cupcakes (1 day)(skip 35 gem)
    REWARD: 4,150 coin. 100 xp

    * unlocks Chocolate Water Slide
    ( 8,000 coin ea. 4 X 4- need a 5x5 area to place it)


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    Matching Tables & Chairs

    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    - I copied the names exactly as they appear in my game because there are lots of names that are similar but not exactly the same. Like the Fall Leaves and the Fall Leaf tables are close enough that it could get confusing if I did anything other than straight copy the names.
    - For those few tables or chairs that do have an exactly duplicated name, I've added an A or B at the end of the names along with a one word description in parentheses to help differentiate them.
    - The oldest items that were in the original release (or released soon after) were a bit harder to be 100% sure on. In the end, I just paired those tables with the chairs that physically matched it best.
    - Of those early items, there are a few tables that don't have definite matches (like the Checkered tables) but there are several chairs that could match them. Instead of listing every chair that could match, I just left them out and will add a seperate section at the end.
    - I'll also add the fewsingle chairs in that section as well. For some reason, a few years ago they gave us several updates with chairs only and all these years later, we've yet to see a matching table for them.

    Tables A-M:
    * Organized alphabetically according to Table name*
    * Paired according to release dates*

    9 To 5 Table City Seat Fall Leaf Table Fall Leaf
    Adirondack Table Adirondack Fall Leaves Table Fall Leaves Chair
    Ai Table Ai Chair Fall Table Fall Chair
    Alebrijes Table Alebrijes Chair Fancy Tea Table Fancy Tea Chair
    Americana Table Americana Farmer's Table Farmer's Chair
    Amethyst Petals Amethyst Petals Festival Table Festival Chair
    Apple Table Apple Chair Film Reel Table Movie Theater Seat
    Arabian Nights Palace Pillows Flan Table Flan Stool
    Athletics Table Athletics Floral Pattern Table Flourishing Chair
    Autumn Table Autumn Stool Flower Table Flower
    Balloon Table Cloud Puff Fresh Snow Table Fresh Snow Chair
    Ballpark Table Dugout Chair Fresh Table Cool Chair
    Banner Table July Chair Forest Table Forest
    Barrel Table Barrel Frost Table Frost Chair
    Bass Drum Table Drum Throne Frosted Branch Table Winter Frost Chair
    Beach Table Beach Gift Wrap Table Gift Wrap
    Bistro Table Bistro Chair Gingerbread Table Gingerbread A (chair)
    Black And White Table Stripe Chair Gold Coin Lucky Clover
    Black Dragon Table Black Dragon Chair Graffiti Table Street Art Chair
    Black Licorice Table Black Licorice Grapefruit Table Grapefruit Chair
    Blossom Table Blossom Chair Grave Table Ghost Chair
    Blue Tile Table Blue Tile Graveyard Table Graveyard Chair
    Boney Table Boney Chair Green Table Green A (Stool)
    Book Book Stool Gumdrop Table Gumdrop
    Bowling Bowling Hallowedding Table Hallowedding Chair
    Bread Table Bread Chair Hard Hat Table Traffic Cone Chair
    Brown Table A (Round) Orange Harvest Table Harvest Chair
    Brown Table B (Square) Brown Haunted Table Spooky Chair
    Bubbly Table Bubbly Hay Bale Table Pumpkin Chair
    Buck Table Buck Heart Table Heart
    Bucolic Table Bucolic Chair Heartcake Heart Stool
    Budding Table Budding Hi-Hat Table Floor Tom Stool
    Bunny Table Bunny Ear Chair Hockey Puck Hockey Stick
    Cafe Table Cafe Holiday Table Holiday
    Candy Table A (red/white) Candy Chair A (red/white) Holly Table Holly
    Candy Table B (multi-color) Candy Chair B (multi-color) Honey Table Honey Chair
    Candy Cane Table Candy Cane Honey Comb Table Honey Pot Stool
    Card Table Card Chair Hula Hula
    Chandelier Table Princess Throne Ice Crystal Table Ice Crystal
    Charming Marble Table Charming Iron Chair Ice Table Ice Chair
    Cheesecake Table Whipped Cream Chair Icicle Icicle
    Chocolate Box Truffle Iron Bistro Table Iron Bistro Chair
    Christmas Table Christmas Chair Jack-O-Table Candy Stool
    Chromatic Table Prismatic Chair Jolly Roger Table Jolly Roger
    Citrus Table Citrus Juicy Table Juicy Chair
    Citrine Table Citrine Stool Kingpin Table Kingpin Chair
    Clover Table Clover Lacey Table Lacey Chair
    Coffee Smoke Table Cafe Cup Chair Lady's Luncheon Fantaseat
    Colonial Table Colonial Lounge Leaf Table Leaf
    Connection Table Date Chair Light Festival Table Light Festival Chair
    Constitution Table Constitution Light Table Wreath Chair
    Cranberry Party Table Cranberry Party Chair Lil Italy Table Lil Italy
    Cupcake Table Cupcake Lodge Table Lodge Chair
    Daffodil Table Tulip Chair Log Table Log
    Dainty Table Dainty Loves Me Table Loves Me Chair
    Daisy Table White Lattice Stool LP Table Rock
    Dark Berry Table Dark Berry Chair Lucky Table Lucky Chair
    Deco Table Deco Chair Magician's Magic Hat
    Deep Sea Table Deep Sea Chair Maple Table Maple Chair
    Diamond Print Table Diamond Print Marble Table Green B (chair)
    Doily Table Doily Marble Trend Table Marble Trend Chair
    Donut Table Donut Melted Chocolate Table Toasted Marshmallow Stool
    Dragon Table Dragon Chair Melted Table Melted Chair
    Easter Egg Easter Egg Moroccan Table Moroccan Chair
    Elegant Table Elegant Mosaic Sun Table Mosaic Sun Chair
    Engine Table Sedan Seat Mummy Head Rising Hand
    Executive Table Executive Mummy Table Mummy
    Fairy Table Fairy Music Stand Table Music Stand

    Tables N-Z:
    * Organized alphabetically according to Table name*
    * Paired according to release dates*

    Namastable Floor Pillow Spooky Table Web
    Nero's Table Caesars Chair Spooky Tree Cobweb Chair
    Nighty Table Slumber Chair Spring Petals Garden Rocker
    Nova Table Satellite Chair Spring Table A (brown) Spring Stool
    Onyx Table Onyx Stool Spring Table B (green) Spring Chair
    Outdoor Table Outdoor Chair Stained Glass Table Rainbow
    Pancake Table Pancake Stained Table Stained Glass Chair
    Parade Table Parade Chair Starry Table Starry
    Parisian Picnic Parisian Picnic Steampunk Table Steampunk Stool
    Party Table Party Chair Storybook Table Storybook Chair
    Patio Table Patio Sugar Blue Sugar Pink
    Peach Table Peach Summer Table Summer
    Peachy Table Peach Seat Sunny Table Bright Chair
    Peridot Table Peridot Chair Sweet Blue Sweet Pink
    Petal PetalStool SweetCo Table SweetCo
    Photo Table Photo Chair Sweetheart Table Sweetheart Chair
    Picnic Table Picnic Bench Swiss Table Swiss Chair
    Pie Table Pie Stool Tail Feather Table Tail Feather Chair
    Pineapple Table Pineapple Tartan Table Tartan Stool
    Pink City Table Pink City Chair Taxi Table Taxi Stool
    Pink Sash Table Pink Sash Tea Time Table Teacup Chair
    Polka Dot Table Polka Dot Chair Teacup Table Sugar Cube
    Popcorn Popcorn Thankful Table Thankful Chair
    Porcelain Porcelain Thanksgiving Table Thanksgiving
    Pretty Petal Table Jungle Flower Seat Tiki Table Tiki
    Pretzel Twist Black Forest Time Table Time Stool
    Propeller Bomber Toffee Table Mint Chocolate Chair
    Puebla Table Puebla Tortoise Shell Table Ship Barrel
    Pumpkin Table Pumpkin Stool Track Table Coaster Chair
    Quaint Table Quaint Chair Trampoline Table Trampoline Stool
    Quill And Scroll Inkpot Stool Tri-Leaf Table Duo-Leaf Chair
    Rainbow Pot O? Gold Tropic Table Tropic Chair
    Red Rose Red Rose Tropical Table Tropical Chair
    Reel Table Studio Chair Tulip Table Flying V
    Refractive Table Refractive Chair Turkish Table Turkish Chair
    Ring Table Moon Chair Turquoise Table Turquoise Chair
    Rockin' Diner Rockin' Diner Tuscan Table Tuscan Stool
    Rockin' Table Roller Chair Twisted Tree Table Cemetery Chair
    Roman Table Roman Stool Umbrella Table Taffy Stool
    Rose Table Rose Uncle Sam Table Uncle Sam
    Rose Gold Table Rose Gold Chairs Union Jack Table Union Shield
    Rustic Table Rustic Chair Valentine Table Valentine
    S'more Table Marshmallow Stool Vampire Table Vampire
    Santa Coat Table Santa Hat Chair Victorian Table Victorian Chair
    Santa's Shop Table Santa's Shop Chair Vintage Fall Table Vintage Fall
    Seashell Table Clamshell Vintage Table Cozy Chair
    Seaworthy Table Seaside Seat Waffle Waffle
    SF Table SF Chair Wagonwheel Hip Stool
    Shamrock Table Shamrock Water Table Water
    Shield Table Medieval Chair Water Trough Table Saddle Stool
    Shimmery Silver Table Shimmery Silver Chair White Table White
    Ship Wheel Table Ship Wheel White Wicker White Wicker
    Shoji Table Shoji Chair White Wooden Table White Wooden
    Sidewalk Table Sidewalk Chair Whitewashed Table Tea Cup Chair
    Silver And Gold Table Silver And Gold Chair Winter Wedding Winter Wedding
    Single Scoop Waffle Cone Witch's Web Table Witch's Chair
    Skeleton Table Skeleton Chair Witches Table Witches
    Sleigh Table Sleigh Wooden Apple Table Wooden Apple Chair
    Snow Globe Table Snow Globe Stool Wooden Table Mahogany
    Snowball Table Snowball Stool Woodland Table Woodland Chair
    Snowflake Table A (Blue ) Snowflake World Table World Stool
    Snowflake Table B (White ) Snowflake Chair Xmas Lights Ornament Stool
    Snowman Table Gingerbread B (stool) Yellow Bistro Yellow Bistro
    Snowy Table Snowy Yellow Table Yellow
    Soccer Ball Soccer Ball Stool Yogurt Table Yogurt Chair
    Spider Table Spider Zodiac Table Dipper Chair

    *Items with no known or no definitive matches*

    Cash Register
    Checkered Table A (blue)
    Checkered Table B (pink)
    Digital Register
    Floral Table
    Pink Table
    Sunflower Table
    Diamond Chair
    Royal Throne
    Strawberry Chair

    Discussion thread:

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