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Thread: Restaurant Story Game Guide

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    Game Version

    You should always use the latest game version as there may be fixes and new updates. Using an outdated version may cause unforeseen issues to your game.

    To check for game version in game:
    Open game, go to Settings Menu and the version is listed at the bottom right of the screen

    To check for game version if you can't open the game:
    Open App Store, search game name (or Storm8), click on Restaurant Story app, on the left side, under the logo it will show current game version
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    New Device - transfer your games

    When you get a new device, you have a choice of setting a restaurant on your new device or transfer your current restaurant to it.

    To set a new restaurant:
    1. Download Restaurant Story unto your new device.
    2. Start playing on your new restaurant. Don't forget to set your new Storm8 ID and password.

    To transfer your current restaurant to your new device:
    1. Transfer your games (see below instructions).
    2. Log into your Game Centre if using iOS device
    3. Start Restaurant Story

    Transfer your games
    You can use the Login feature to transfer your Storm8 ID and all Storm8 games over to your new device. Since Restaurant Story does not have the login feature, you will need to use any game listed on Post 1 of the Login Feature thread instead.

    Please see the instructions on post 1 of the New Logon on Feature thread.

    If you have issues transferring your games, you can contact Storm8 Support: and they can transfer your games.

    (1) If you are selling or giving away your old device, it is recommended that you contact Storm8 Support: and ask them to remove your Storm8 ID and games tagged to that device.

    (2) Playing on devices of different platforms may cause sync errors.
    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenTurtle View Post
    I am periodically experiencing sync errors. What's the problem?
    • If you recently transferred from iOS to Android, you may have some items that are not supported on the platform and appear invisible. Contact Storm8 Support: so we can assist you in hiding those items and prevent the errors.

    Maintain your device
    Remember to do the general housekeeping periodically to maintain your device for the best in-game experience. Your game will slow down when your device is not performing well.
    • Always keep the latest software version for your device (e.g. operating software and game)
    • Make sure your device has plenty of space (by clearing unwanted apps, photos, documents, etc.)
    • Clear cache
    • Disconnect and connect to your cellular or wifi
    • Restart device
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    What can I do to try to resolve my game issues?

    iOS General Issues
    If your iOS device is having issues, make sure you've tried the following:
    • Restart your device
    • Delete and reinstall the game
    • Hard restart - hold the power and home buttons, through the power off slider, until the Apple symbol appears.

      For newer devices (iPod Touch 4th Gen and newer, iPhone 3G and newer, all iPad versions [possibly other devices]) - close out background running apps. Double tap the home button, when the screen raises up, hold the app until it starts shaking. Press the red minus symbol to close.

    Connection Issues
    1. Force shut game
    2. Disconnect device cellular/wifi setting
    3. Switch off device
    4. Power off modem and router, and power up after 2 mins if you're using wifi connection
    5. Switch on device and reconnect cellular/wifi setting
    6. Start game

      If you are using wifi, the bandwidth and number of devices connected to it are contributing factors to your connectivity performance.

    Device Performance Issues
    Some older devices may have trouble keeping up with the game.
    • Clear cache - go to Safari in Settings app on iOS device and click [Clear History and Website Data].
    • Check that you have sufficient space on your device. Try deleting some unused apps/photos/videos etc if you don't.
    • Store away some (if not all) animated decorations in your restaurant
    • Avoid running other apps in the background
    • Let your game settle for a few minutes (3 mins or so) after starting it, before you do any activity
    • Delete and reinstall game if the above doesn't work

    Display/Graphics Issues
    1. Clear cache - go to Safari in Settings app on iOS device and click [Clear History and Website Data].
    2. Restart device and game
    3. Delete and reinstall game if the above doesn't work

    Sync Issues
    Ensure your connection is good. Always fresh start your game before you do any actions to avoid sync issues. It is recommended that we do not leave our games running in the background.
    • If you discover that you have forgotten to close out your game, force shut it without doing any activity and start it again.
    • You can force save your game progress by visiting another restaurant.
    • Do not leave your game immediately after your last action. Try to force save your game progress and sync with Storm8 servers before closing your game.
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    Storm8 Forum

    Add Me
    You can add your Storm8 ID and find others looking for neighbours in the Add Me forum.

    Join in the discussions with the rest of the Restaurant Story community in Restaurant Story | Discussions forum.
    Post any question you have regarding the game in Restaurant Story: Help Me I have a Question

    Please check to see if there is any existing thread before you start a new thread of the same topic, to avoid duplicate threads.

    Suggestions & Feedbacks
    Give your feedback and share your suggestions in Restaurant Story | Suggestions & Feedback forum.

    Bugs and Issues
    Report a bug/issue
    If you are experiencing issues, you may like to
    1. contact Storm8 Support: for more support AND/OR
    2. report on Restaurant Story | Bugs & Issues forum.

    If you would like to report a bug or issue, please make sure to include the following:
    1. Your device (iOS, Android, please be as specific as possible) and it's version number (check under settings-device)
    2. Your game version (this can be found on the bottom of the Help/FAQ page)
    3. A description of the problem and what you were doing when the problem occurred
    4. A screenshot of the problem if possible/applicable (How To A Post Photo On The Forum)

    You can either post in one of the following:
    (i) Restaurant Story: Current Bugs and Issues thread
    (ii) existing thread of the same problem
    (iii) start a new thread

    Before you start a new thread, please check to see if there is any existing thread of the same problem as yours to avoid duplicate threads.

    Check your game version
    To check for your device version - go to Settings, General, About - Version
    To check for game version in game:
    Open game, go to Menu, Help/FAQ - on the bottom edge of the box, the version will be listed
    To check for game version if you can't open the game:
    Open App Store, search game name (or Storm8), click on app, on the left side, under the logo it will show current game version

    Forum Rules and Policies
    If you are like to know what are the dos and don'ts on the forum, please read the Forum Rules & Policies to find out more.

    Forum Disputes
    Is some Admin, player mod or another user giving you "The Business"? Have a complaint? This is the place to let us know. Don't worry -- this Forum Disputes is only visible to Storm8 Staff.
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    Storm8 Support

    Storm8 Support Email:

    If you require further assistance on your games, you can contact Support. Please make sure that you include your Storm8 ID, state which game you are having issues, description of the issues and screenshots, if any. A Support Agent will respond to you usually between 5 to 7 business days.

    Submit a Support Request
    1. Click on Support link:
    2. Fill in the details in the Support Form
    3. Click [Submit] to send your request

    Sign into Your Account
    1. Click [Sign in] at the top right of the Support Form screen to sign into your account
      (You'll get a pop up sign in screen)
    2. Enter your email address and password
      (Click [Sign up] if you don't have an existing account OR click [Get a password] if you don't have a password)
    3. Click [Sign in] to proceed

    Check on Your Request
    1. Click on the drop down arrow next to your name at the top right of the screen, once you have signed into your account
    2. Click [My activities] and you'll see a list of your requests including your ticket number and the status of your request

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    Fun Threads in Restaurant Story

    I couldn't resist adding a fun section here in the Guide to give you some entertainment and show off the creativity of our community.

    The Dating Game

    Lights... Camera... ACTION CHEF!!

    TGT Presents... The Chemist, the Cat and the Time Machine
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    Gem Dispenser (removed)

    The Gem Dispenser gives you 1 gem every 12 hours. Tap on it to collect your gem and the timer starts to count down and you can collect again in the next 12 hours. The gem stays at your Gem Dispenser and does not expire if you do not collect from it. However it does not accumulate any additional gems until it is collected. You should collect from it as close to every 12 hours as possible to get the most gems out of it.

    You can collect gems permanently from it as long as you are using the supported software (iOS 1.7.6+). It is not support on Android. Please note that you will not see your Gem Dispenser on your Android device if you are playing on multiple platforms. You will be able to see it when you return to playing on your iOS device.

    Discussion thread:
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    Mastering Recipes

    You can earn the following rewards upon completion of each mastery level of all recipes. The recipes in all appliances give 1 gem for completion of mastery levels 2 and 4 respectively.

    How Many Cooking Sessions To Master Each Recipe?

    ..Mastery Level Servings Rewards
    1 (Apprentice) 8 2,000 coins, 20 xps
    2 (Line Cook) 23 1 gem, 50 xps
    3 (Sous Chef) 43 4,000 coins, 100 xps
    4 (Pastry Chef) 83 1 gem, 200 xps

    Discussion thread:

    Related topic: Cooking food, Serving food
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    Troubleshooting for Frequent Issues

    How do I unlock old goals and the locked items?
    You can't unlock goals which have expired and the items from those goals remain locked. However you can redo those goals if/when Storm8 relists them again.

    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenTurtle
    We don't plan on releasing these special appliances to all players at this time - it wouldn't be fair to the player who completed it while the goals were available. Sorry about that!
    Why did my food suddenly disappear?
    You may encounter a quick-sell of food if you block the door to your restaurant. Refrain from blocking your door to avoid this.

    Quote Originally Posted by DaojinWildfire
    The game will usually quick-sell all of your inventory if you block the door to your store. When you block the door, you may not see the customers coming in, but our system will still recognize them walking in and buying your items. When you open your door again, the consumption that took place while your door was blocked catches up, which is why it looks like you instantly lost all of your items.

    If you want to avoid the quick-sell, don't block your door.
    Discussion thread:

    Why did my "Free Gems" icon disappear?
    This promotional feature comes and goes to random players. You may get it again if yours disappeared. Likewise you stand a chance to get it if you don't have it.

    Why did my restaurant restart at Level 1?
    You can recover your restaurant by logging back into your Game Center, if you are using an iOS device.
    To log back into Game Center, please follow these instructions on your device:
    1. Device Settings (little silver cog icon on your device)
    2. scroll all the way down to Game Center
    3. tap Game Center and login where it says Apple ID.
    4. Restart Restaurant Story.

    Why is my Gem Dispenser missing?
    Please note that you will not see your Gem Dispenser on your Android device if you are playing on multiple platforms. You will be able to see it when you return to playing on your iOS device.
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    Block Feature

    You can block players from posting on your wall with this Block feature.

    Block Player
    1. Click [X] next to his post
    2. Click [Block] icon
      The post will disappear from your wall and this player will appear in your Blocked List.

    Unblock Player
    1. Click [Main] icon
    2. Click [Settings] icon in the Main Menu screen
    3. Click [Blocked List] to display the list of players you have blocked
    4. Click [Unblock] next to the player's game name to unlock him
      This player will disappear from your Blocked List.

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