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Thread: Level 132 Help?

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    Level 132 Help?

    Anyone have any tips to beat level 132? I haven't come close to getting enough % on the color.
    Can't figure out how to get rid of the fly that eats the zappers without releasing the bee bomb and of course nearer the end it seems
    you get more rocks and the odd color then the one you need.

    Appreciate any tips. Thank you!

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    but how did you pass level 130?
    stuck here for two weeks already

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    Just passed level 132. Finally!

    Ignore the fly and bee block. It took me several tries to blast enough coloured blocks and my best score was around 92% so I used gems to unlock 5 more moves (twice).

    Good luck!

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    I finally got past level 132 and off to 133. I never use gems and finally got past this level without them (after making it to 99% once, UH!)

    I found the trick was of course as you said ignore the fly...but also not to use all the zappers in the beginning. Early on chose only a few of those to use, the ones where you zap the row and it has the opposite color bomb on that row that will also go off, clearing it out. Then let the fly eat the zappers as you work the colors....then only use the remaining ones near the end if/when you have to clear out some rocks (when you get a blender, aim for a middle row to unlock a zapper on either side of it while keeping the far right one locked so the fly cant eat them all).
    Sometimes the level just gives you **** and you will not have enough color even if you play it right, but eventually it will work out.

    For level 130, it's hard to describe on here lol....Basically what I did was allow some of the flys to purposely eat those 1 off colors. Sometimes I'm able to drop a color and match it to the lower one, sometimes keep the fly alive and let them eat those tough ones while you work your way downward on other areas of the screen (usually the middle or end rows). You especially want to stratesize when you get to the part where there are 3 flys on color blocks on each side...before you make moves determine how best to use them or not to clear them out just yet. For instance maybe you freeze the left side while working on he right side (they dont move unless you open the block next to it). When you get your last blender near the end save it for the last few probably will need it to break through that last part.
    I hope that helps, good luck!

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