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Thread: Restaurant Story - October 2013

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    Hi I'm Level 76, I play and gift Daily. I gift Stew daily mostly, except when there is a goal. Then I either send parts or return parts sent to me. Looking fo others who are Social 3 or 4. I don't need to see or request post on my wall. I prefer no post on my wall. Request go through request no posted on wall. I see visit on the new feed so I don't need to see, visited or tipped. One less thing I have to clear, or deal with for LMKWC. If I miss you or you miss me the next day is fine. If this ok with you My ID is Mcmaster10010 Thanks TY

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    Add me too Chortt666. I plat every day. And petshop and bakery story

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    Hi I'm level 76. Looking for others who are also social 3 or 4. I normaly send stew, unless there is a goal. Then i send parts or return the parts sent to me. I don't spend a lot of time so looking for others who don't need to post on my wall, about request, visit or tipps. Request go through the request feature. I see the activity on the News feed. I don't need to know about LMKWTC. If I miss you, or you miss me one day the next is fine. IF this is ok with you then please send me an Add my ID is Mcmaster10010. Thanks Ty

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    ADD ME dotmajstor

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    Add me: BQIXD45

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    Im searching for 3-4 stars daily players for 2 of my restaraunts.I tip and gift ONLY parts daily,posting when i visited u,same im asking from u.Accept all requests fast. My IDs r Kittymur and Kittymurr.Tnx

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    add me geekigirl

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    Daily player and gift-er.

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    Would appreciate adds--name is takeheat2. I'm also on Bakery Story and Fashion Story. Thanks!

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    add us. nfodarkside. and lapresiosa25. I'm just starting.. she's level 14. thank you!

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