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Thread: For Ninja, android had better issue a new edition soon. (advice)

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    For Ninja, android had better issue a new edition soon. (advice)

    Is it a bug?

    If an android player visit an ios, Ninja can't be seen and played.

    Even more, if someone has Ninja who wants to transfer game to android device, Ninja will be disappeared.

    Except Ninja, maybe others I haven't found yet.
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    Ninja is not compatible with android. The habitat is OK.

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    Advice: Don't ever transfer from iOS to Android. It's like going from Blu-Ray DVDs to Video Cassette.

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    Sep has too many new mobile phone, no transfer means no new device.

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    Morning, Caretakers! Some more information on this issue: If you transferred your game from iOS to Android with a Ninja Dragon on the Nest, the egg would disappear. This will no longer happen and only affected the Ninja Dragon. If your Ninja Dragon egg went stealth after transferring, please email for assistance. Assistance will be provided on a case by case basis.

    If you're transferring to Android permanently, please note that some features aren't available yet. If you're temporarily transferring on a regular basis, please note that you may experience unpredictable issues in your game and we do not recommend this due to compatibility issues.

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