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    Dragon Story Feedback

    Hello Everyone! I would like to share my Feedbacks here!

    1) Feedback about the Game
    The game is great! Great Gameplay! Great Music! What I don't like is the expensiveness of habitats,decorations and more! In the Arctic Isles..Why is there a limit for the Flames and Parts? What's the use for a dragon that can hold 500+ Parts an hour (let's say) and the habitat can hold only 12? Not good at all! In the Arctic Isles..You should decrease the price a little bit! Everything there is TOO expensive!

    2) Feedback about the Dragons
    The design of the dragons are just awesome! Keep it up! Especially the Fairy,Fruitful,Fairytale,Diamond and Air Dragons design
    Please don't release too many dragons TOO quickly! I'm going crazy here! LoL

    3) Feedback about Limited Dragons
    The limited edition dragons DON'T make sense at all! Seabreeze? Naga? They are not seasonal!
    I'm gonna miss the so much! And why are you removing Treasure Dragons?
    Bring QUETZAL back please and let him/her STAY FOREVER! We currently don't have a Diamond & Green hybrid

    4) Feedback about Breeding
    Not so much to say about breeding! But please make it a bit easier! Change Boosted Breed from 12 Gold to 4 or something?
    Please make Clockwork,Scarecrow,Storm and Lightning BREEDABLE! It's not fair when you get the dragons and you accidentally sold it and can't get the dragon back =_=
    Also..Please decrease the breeding/incubating timer for Common dragons! 20 Hours for a Common Islan/Magic Dragon is just nuts!

    5) Feedback about Food
    The food prices are just TOO high for the newer dragons! 125K Food for overall feeding? Dude...You must be kidding me! =_=
    Please decrease the food prices! It's just crazy! Can't stand it anymore!

    6) Feedback about additional Features
    Would you please add some features like the Album,Stable or Diamond Temple to the Android system? I know I'm an iOS player but please...Let Android enjoy the game much more!

    I guess that's it! These are my feedbacks! Reply on what you think!
    I'll update this thread if I have anymore suggestion by PM-ing a Moderator!

    I hope any TL Staff,Community Managers or Moderator see this thread and please read! I'm giving you these feedbacks to make this game a fair,easy and awesome game! Please reply!

    ~ Arfan (mrarfan)
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