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Thread: Now introducing Farm Story 2 for iOS!

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    The requirements and goals of the event are the same on both platforms and iOS players were unable to buy/sell event items as well. If you see the discussion in the event thread, you will see that iOS players had the same difficulties just as the Android players had.

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    Just want to know why all the tasks are only achievable if you have gems, why aren?t we able to have the option to buy things required by using coins, farm story and dragon story are all about the gems. Unfair, kids who play may be unable to access the money required to get the most out of both games.
    Welcome to the forum.

    The games are free to play without using gems. Gems do help with your games but that does not mean you can't play without gems. Besides, you get neighbours to send you free gold in Dragon Story and you can earn gems by sending trains in Farm Story 2.

    Remember that Storm8 is a business and they need to pay their employees and bills like everyone else, and the children of their employees need food. I'm sure you dont want your daddy or mommy to work for free and you go hungry, likewise their kids too.

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