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Thread: Now introducing Farm Story 2 for iOS!

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    Now introducing Farm Story 2 for iOS!

    Explore a beautiful 3D world to harvest crops, raise happy animals and discover exciting surprises in the long-awaited sequel to our #1 hit farming game!

    Play with friends for free and as long as you want, turning your fresh produce into delicious goods to become a farming legend!

    • EXPLORE a living, breathing world - simplay tap to catch butterflies, fish in the pond, or talk to friendly characters!
    • COLLECT a barnyard full of cute and playful animals!
    • HARVEST fields of color crops and find fresh ingredients to use in tasty recipes!
    • CRAFT delicious meals in your Kitchen, snacks with your Deep Fryer, or desserts in the Chocolatier!
    • TRADE your fresh goods with friends and neighbors!
    • TREASURE your adventures with a colorful Scrapbook that automatically fills as you progress!
    • DECORATE your farm with a wide assortment of items from the market!
    • MEET friendly characters like Jed Fallows, the kindly old farmer, full of helpful advice and stories to share! What will you do with your new farm?

    Download and play Farm Story 2 from the iTunes App Store!

    What are you waiting for? Make a name for yourself by building the best Farm on the block! Let us know your feedback and keep you updated on our Facebook page! Be sure to "Like" us to receive all of the latest news for Farm Story 2 right on your News Feed!

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    Ummmm... when does the android version come out?!???!

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    Farm Story 2 looks EXACTLY like {removed third party info} but I think it's even awesome! ^_^
    Good Job TL!
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    Kindle would be nice

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    Is there a date yet as to when this will be available for Android/tablet users?

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    Any news on when the game will be available on android? Waiting anxiously!

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    Seems like there's an awful lot of phone apps that come out with an IOS version and Android users have to wait or not get a version at all. I guess it's the redheaded stepchild of the tech world. Disappointing.

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    What happen to the updates for Android users!?

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    Looks fun! Will Kindle users get it?

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