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Thread: 01/19/22 - Updated - Please do not share unapproved outside links.

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    01/19/22 - Updated - Please do not share unapproved outside links.

    Sharing and discussion of outside links on the forum is not allowed for security purposes. Outside links may contain inappropriate content, viruses, or scams. Links that aren't allowed include, but aren't limited to: social networking links, third-party websites, third-party apps, and video links or embeds.

    Please remember that Storm8 employees will NEVER ask for your password or personal information such as address, phone number, or other personal details.

    Exceptions are fan links posted in the associated Fan Links forum and approved links. If you have a question about a link, please contact a Community Manager or Moderator.

    Approved List:
    01/19/22 - Approved link added: Dragon Story Wikia (a player gathered information site with no affiliation to Storm8)
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