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Thread: Level 152 need some help please

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    Level 152 need some help please

    Hi brothers in arms can someone help me with the level of 152 i always reach the last brick but not enough time then no matches can you lend me a hand thanks

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    Hi dragontraineer, here's the link to the Secret Forest thread, hopefully there are some tips there for you. Most of the islands/regions have their own thread in the Jewel Mania Discussion section of the forum, so that tips/advice for their levels are gathered all in one place. There are links to each island/region thread at the Jewel Mania Regions - Master Thread.

    If you don't find what you need, ask your question in that thread. That way, any advice you receive can be easily found by others. Those island threads are also a good spot to share any frustrations you may have about a particular level... (I know I've had a few, lol!)

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