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Thread: Treasure Trove removed while my Midas eggs were on my nests. Dragon Story

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    Still waiting with plenty of coins and an un-hatched Stain-glass egg, that I spent real $ on, a with no habitat. Really Team Lava? Come on. I hope this is a real-glitch and not just another way to slow our progress and cost players gold. Forgive my lack of faith, but after the Phoenix Dragon ordeal, my battle area completely reset after winning 20 battles, and I was basically told by Agent Gosnick, "sucks to be you," my faith is dwindling. It's too bad, it's a fun game. well, it used to be when you could make some progress.

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    I hope y'all struggling with this have a 2nd nest available.

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    Just wanted to inform you all that the Treasure Terrace is back! Good news for all those homeless stain-glass dragon's. Thanks to Team Lava.

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    See this thread for changes to the Treasure Terrace

    Treasure Terrace

    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenTurtle View Post

    The Treasure Terrace is once again available in the Market!

    The Treasure Terrace was recently under construction and had to be removed from the Market while we had Dragons blow fire and finish the last welds on it. With the recent removal of the Stainglass Dragon, we wanted to be sure the game would be balanced going forward. Because there are currently only 2 Treasure-type Dragons, all Treasure Terraces purchased from the Market going forward will have a 1 Dragon limit and 5 Gold/Day capacity.

    What if I already have a Treasure Terrace?

    If you currently have an original Treasure Terrace on your board, nothing will change. The limit and capacity will remain as is for that item. If you have one original Treasure Terrance and buy a new one from the Market, the new one will have the new changes.

    Please note the limits to the Treasure Terrace still apply. You may still only have 2 Treasure Terraces per account.
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