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    Exclamation The money

    Money runs out quickly on Resturant story and if you want extra you need to use your green gems. What if you don't have any. I honestly don't care I am starting a conversation, so converse.....

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    I have tons of coins in my restaurant. In fact, I recently used 1.5 mil of my coins to expand, and I already have another mil saved, even after buying some of the new airplane items. What level are you? And what items have you been cooking? If you want more coins, you must make high coin producing items. If you want to earn free gems, check what mastery level you are for each food/drink item. Then make a lot of the ones where you are close to a mastery level of two or four. Once you get your free gem for reaching mastery level 2 or 4 for that food item, start making something else that is also close to a 2 or a 4. I have been doing this, and recently got many free gems in both restaurant story and bakery story. I hope this helps.

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    I don't have an issue of running out of money in RS (BS is a different ballgame at times) the plate values in RS are much higher and more evenly dispersed. Running out of food was an issue for a while at the beginning until I started mastering by time for the highest plates/time. Now I'm working on mastering Halloween/Fall recipes in both though (just in case they take them away with new themes so near). In comparison, I have way more plates in BS with less money (I cook really high 22 hr recipes on the 2 days a week I'm not at home at all to help even it out) and in RS I have way more income with far fewer plates of food. I could not cook for a few days in RS and about 2 weeks in BS, if that gives you a better idea. I've also been able to expand faster in RS because of the comparative income.

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    I'm level 99 and have been forever, at least it seems that way. Anyway, I've always had trouble earning money in RS. Seems like it takes forever to earn enough money to expand or buy items. Even at level 99 I still have several expansions I have not purchased because it takes me so long to save the money. I could use some help also. I do try to cook high coin producing items, but I still must be missin it somewhere.

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    I am level 86 and I have recently expanded twice in a row. I saved up 40 gems and 1,500,000 coins and so i expanded coin then gems. I am now about 16 x 19? I have also recently tried mastering foods it really does help

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    For me the money ran out only in the beginnig. Now I'm level 77 and have earned the total of more than 12000000 coins and 250 gems without paying any money. Of course I've spent most of it and I have only 11 gems. Try mastering foods and look for goals.

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    i'm at level 83 and only have 1.8 million coins am still wondering whether i should spend 2.5 million on the next expansion... but if there are goals coming up soon i'll probably hold it for now.

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    How different people's experiences are...I'm at level 99 and have something like 68 million coins.

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