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Thread: Ethereal Dragon Tournament! EXPIRED

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    Ethereal Dragon Tournament! EXPIRED

    A new tournament is beginning in the Battle Arena!

    A Challenger Has Arrived!

    The feature is live for 100% of iOS players. Update your version if you haven't already, and get ready to face the Ethereal Dragon in the final round to win one for yourself!

    The Ethereal Dragon!

    Good Luck, Caretakers!

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    After the timer below expires ethereal will not be available for purchase (it is not breedable)
    Quote Originally Posted by sehana View Post

    Ethereal Timer:

    Quote Originally Posted by sehana View Post
    I don't have an actual timer, but this is an estimate.

    Tournament Timer:

    color guide:

    Quote Originally Posted by doublescream View Post
    Here you go:

    Enemy Type
    Red use: Yellow, Blue, Stone avoid: Green, Dino, Zodiac
    Green use: Red, Mythic, Dino, Gemstone avoid: Purple, Black, Stone
    Yellow use: Pink, Black, Cosmic, Zodiac avoid: Red, Blue, Gold
    Blue use: Yellow, Purple, Rainbow, Gemstone avoid: Red, White, Stone
    Purple use: Green, Pink, Gold, Zodiac avoid: Blue, White, Cosmic
    White use: Blue, Purple, Stone, Rainbow avoid: Black, Mythic, Cosmic
    Pink use: Black, Gold, Fairytale, Gemstone avoid: Yellow, Purple, Mythic
    Black use: Green, White, Cosmic, Rainbow avoid: Yellow, Pink, Fairytale, Gemstone
    Diamond use: Diamond avoid: Gold, Gemstone
    Mythic use: White, Pink, Fairytale, Dino avoid: Green, Rainbow, Zodiac
    Cosmic use: Purple, White avoid: Yellow, Black, Fairytale, Zodiac
    Gold use: Yellow, Diamond avoid: Purple, Pink, Rainbow
    Fairytale use: Black, Cosmic, Zodiac avoid: Pink, Mythic, Rainbow
    Stone use: Green, Blue avoid: Red, White, Dino
    Dino use: Red, Stone avoid: Green, Cosmic, Gemstone
    Rainbow use: Mythic, Gold, Fairytale avoid: Blue, White, Black
    Gemstone use: Diamond, Black, Dino avoid: Green, Blue, Pink
    Zodiac use: Red, Mythic, Cosmic avoid: Yellow, Purple, Fairytale

    Quote Originally Posted by mjauuuu View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ghoulchik View Post
    I hope you don't mind, but I put together your list of battles won so far
    Round 1: Fire lvl 1-Fire lvl 10 (BMB)
    Round 2: Magic lvl 1-Forest lvl 10 (MB)
    Round 3:*Air lvl 2-Night lvl 8 (MB)
    Round 4:*Sunrise lvl 2-Justice lvl 7 (BB)
    Round 5: Coral lvl 3-Life lvl 10 (MBB)
    Round 6:Golem lvl 3-Serpent lvl 10 (MBM)
    Round 7: Saturn lvl 4-Cosmic lvl 7 (BM)
    Round 8: Dino lvl 4-Tusker lvl 10 (M)
    Round 9: Lotus lvl 5-Diamond lvl 10 (M)
    Round 10: Sapphire lvl 5-Fire lvl 10 (MBM)
    Round 11: Laserlight lvl 6-Coral lvl 10 (BM)
    I don't! Thanks for taking the time to put it together!

    Quote Originally Posted by cymoril69 View Post
    Here's a few more for you:

    Round 12: Gold L9 beat Origami L6 (1 bash)
    Round 13: Virtue L10 beat Quartz L6 (MB)
    Round 14: Hypnotic L10 beat Moon L7 (MB)
    Round 15: Fire L10 beat Aurora L8 (MM)
    Round 16: Athletic L10 beat Cesear L9 (MBM)
    Round 17: Atlantis L10 beat Mirage L10 (MB)
    Round 18: Angel L10 beat Tigers Eye L11 (MBM)
    Quote Originally Posted by cymoril69 View Post
    Round 19: Mindvolt L10 beat Stained Glass (MB)
    Round 20: Aurora L10 beat Eclipse L10 (MBM)
    Quote Originally Posted by cymoril69 View Post
    Round 21: Sapphire L10 beat Naga (MBB)
    Round 22: Magic L10 beat Atlantis L12(MBB)
    Quote Originally Posted by cymoril69 View Post
    Round 23: Atlantis L10 beat Planet L14 (MBM)
    Round 24: Wizard L10 beat Leopard L14(BMB)
    Quote Originally Posted by mjauuuu View Post
    Oh! I see. Thanks for making a list of my results. I actually happen to have an update for it!

    Round 25 - Troll L13 or 14 > Forestfire L10 (MBM)
    Round 26 - Quetzal L16 > Scorpion L10 (BM)
    Quote Originally Posted by Spiceshirl View Post
    26-quetzal (16) - Mercury 10 (BMM)
    27- prism (18) - Diamond 10 (MMM)
    28-Angel (18)- Gold 10 (MMM)
    29-infinity (20)-Gold 10 (M)
    30-Ethereal (20)-Atlas 10 (BMB)
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    need help? send me a PM
    need tips on a Jewel Mania level? JM Master Thread

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    Please move over the winning combo list from the old thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by eboats View Post
    Please move over the winning combo list from the old thread
    I think it's a different set of challengers so the old list wouldn't be relevant to this thread

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    Wow I knew they were going to do this!!! I still have ALOT of exhausted dragons!!! I knew they would do this! Phoenix tournament took out about 30 dragons!!!

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    Win first battle against Fire Lv 1 with Epic Air,attacks B+B,finished the job.

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    Yay! After my pathetic dragons bit the dust in the last tournament I hurried to heal them continuously.. Time for them to lose to new dragon s now!


    Fire 1 beaten by Air 10 MB

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    Fire 1 beaten by Mist L10, B+++

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    Air(10) Beat Fire(1) with one hit of magic.

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    Fire(1) LOST to (My) Clown (10) MM

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