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Thread: Yet again a bug

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    Yet again a bug

    I'm sick of posting but it seems if I don't no one does

    I have just trained waited the 32 mins and then there was no troop the army camps were empty

    To make matters worse and piss me off further
    I see I have lost -16 crowns but no log no shield and it has cost me 3 ranks when I wasn't even online attacking and it's not like I can just get them back when the way it is now I can lose 20+ crowns but I am only offered 5 crowns on revenge

    In my opinion and many in my alliance agree you dhould Make it so if your attacked you should be able to revenge the same amount of crowns back otherwise you end up in negative numbers an because the game is built for attack its difficult to win defenses

    And no point saying email support they never respond and never get crowns back

    Sorry not being rude just pissed that I spent money on this game to have fun and I am also aware you forum admins probs have little to no say in the issues but I'm just hoping that a solution and Compensation will be given

    Regards CoachStevo
    rank 7 :@

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    Sorry to hear about this! I just checked and you do have a battle lost for -17 Crowns 12 hours ago. Is this the instance you are referring to? Or was it something more recent? Is it possible that your Crowns did not update until more recently?

    In regards to your troop training, did you exit the game after training? It's possible that your progress was not saved. If this was the case, your Spellstones should not have been used.

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    Hey frozen turtle thank you for your reply

    No it wasn't that loss I'm referring to it was well after that one that I lost extra crowns
    And yeah I closed app after training ill be sure to leave app open when I train now

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