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  • gem confirm

    20 45.45%
  • add levels after 99

    6 13.64%
  • more expansions

    9 20.45%
  • re-release LTO after 6 months or a year

    13 29.55%
  • delete non-answered neighbor invites

    7 15.91%
  • delete gifts from your own inventory

    5 11.36%
  • new recipes for non-main appliances

    13 29.55%
  • categorize your neighbors

    8 18.18%
  • open boxes so you can buy the prize you want (even if expensive)

    21 47.73%

    4 9.09%
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Thread: if you could change just two things...

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    I don't like being stuck with only two options for the avatar. I want one that looks more like me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fionaline View Post
    change 2 things hmm.....
    I think well the catogorise neighbors deffently a yes... but other then I would love the option to stack iten in game so that we can build up some amazing looking restos... and but not last why not have the gues interact with gaming items or sit down in a sofa watch tv, so that should we say your resto are full, then instead of the guest getting angry they could go and play on something while they wait for free room for their meal :-D that could be funny and very helpful xx
    Yes, I love that idea! The useless couches and pool tables are kind of sad. It would be awesome if guests could interact with those!

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    I would like to see the older stoves, ovens from 2013 be opened up again as goals. Not many people played then.
    Thank you

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    I would choose 1) confirmation of gem use and 2) new recipes in random Specialty appliances

    I also have a question on the friend request thing. Why is that an issue? Is there some cap or limit it affects? And how can I tell if someone has sent me a friend request I have not answered?

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    I would like to be able to receive, and ask for, more than 20 items a day.

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    Poll: Your most desired change(s)

    well "gem confirm" is a given. thought they have already added more lvls "add more levels" pass 99.

    However; I Would Love to See More ways to get "more expansions" that doesn't cost Alot of Coins or Gems Til like Lvl 50. I'm at lvl 27 and would love to have more space. 2) It would be easier to "categorize your neighbors" by game lvl or where they live. 3) Havin "new recipes for non-main appliances" would be lovely. 4) Themes that are CHEAP and EASY to Get would be AMAZING for example : Country / Western / Cabin, Wooden Flooring that doesn't cost half a body, along with decent wall paper to go with it. 5) More ways to get Gems would be Very Helpful.

    For the "re-release LTO after 6 months or a year"; I'm not sure what "lto" stands for. 2) i don't know who would have "delete non-answered neighbor invites". 3) the items in your inventory; there should be something to click or something to help us know what the item is use for. along with the opition to delete it or sale/trade it.

    I haven't open any boxes yet "open boxes so you can buy the prize you want (even if expensive)".
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    One dish serving on the goal stoves you can?t even see what they are! Bring back the older stoves much more realistic and better dishes!

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    The first thing I would change is the gift menu. Ex: It should be more organized with a search bar, tools tab and food tab and also the name of the appliance should follow the name of the tool or part so no one should have to play the guessing game.

    The second thing I would change is the amount of gifts that are allowed per day because some people are maxed out all the time after a few gifts (especially when they have over 200 friends lol).

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    I'm with you on re organising the gift menu. It would help new players to recognise which are parts unique to challenge appliances and which are basic parts. I would love to give & receive food other than stew or chicken but I haven't got time to scroll past all the parts in the "breakfast" tab to get to them and eventually it hurts!
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    Only accepting new neighbours who do challenges, don't mind me not visiting and want food (like me) between goals. Please post on my wall otherwise I won't accept your invitation

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    The finished goal parts should be moved to the end of the gifts. It's hard when you have to constantly click to get to a desired gift.

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