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Thread: Healing Spring

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    Healing Spring

    This Healing Spring is only for healing dragons after losing in the Battle Arena which is only for iOS!

    My Suggestion about the Healing Spring :-

    Every battles take 1 Hour to "clean" the Arena! While the exhausted dragons go into the Healing Spring!
    Every dragon takes 6 Hours to heal! While that happens...We can battle 5 other times before the dragons is fully healed!
    Why is it 6 Hours? That is taking too long! Other dragon games don't really need to heal! If you want to do this make it 2 Hours maybe? If not there will be 10+ dragons queuing to heal! That sucks!

    Please TL! Make the timer lower to 2 Hours or something? 6 Hours is too long!

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    You can add your suggestion to the current thread.

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