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Thread: Phoenix Dragon! Available to all iOS! REMOVED

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    Phoenix Dragon! Available to all iOS! REMOVED

    A new tournament is beginning in the Battle Arena!

    A New Challenger Has Arrived!

    The feature is live for 100% of iOS players. Update your version if you haven't already, and get ready to face the Phoenix Dragon in the final round to win one for yourself!

    Good Luck, Caretakers!

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    Now limited (10-11-13)

    Quote Originally Posted by sehana View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by sehana View Post
    Phoenix Timer: (For Purchase only, non-breedable, not current tournament)

    3 Hours

    Now this one is way cuter than the ghost fish from before!


    Quote Originally Posted by doublescream View Post
    Here you go:

    Enemy Type
    Red use: Yellow, Blue, Stone avoid: Green, Dino, Zodiac
    Green use: Red, Mythic, Dino, Gemstone avoid: Purple, Black, Stone
    Yellow use: Pink, Black, Cosmic, Zodiac avoid: Red, Blue, Gold
    Blue use: Yellow, Purple, Rainbow, Gemstone avoid: Red, White, Stone
    Purple use: Green, Pink, Gold, Zodiac avoid: Blue, White, Cosmic
    White use: Blue, Purple, Stone, Rainbow avoid: Black, Mythic, Cosmic
    Pink use: Black, Gold, Fairytale, Gemstone avoid: Yellow, Purple, Mythic
    Black use: Green, White, Cosmic, Rainbow avoid: Yellow, Pink, Fairytale, Gemstone
    Diamond use: Diamond avoid: Gold, Gemstone
    Mythic use: White, Pink, Fairytale, Dino avoid: Green, Rainbow, Zodiac
    Cosmic use: Purple, White avoid: Yellow, Black, Fairytale, Zodiac
    Gold use: Yellow, Diamond avoid: Purple, Pink, Rainbow
    Fairytale use: Black, Cosmic, Zodiac avoid: Pink, Mythic, Rainbow
    Stone use: Green, Blue avoid: Red, White, Dino
    Dino use: Red, Stone avoid: Green, Cosmic, Gemstone
    Rainbow use: Mythic, Gold, Fairytale avoid: Blue, White, Black
    Gemstone use: Diamond, Black, Dino avoid: Green, Blue, Pink
    Zodiac use: Red, Mythic, Cosmic avoid: Yellow, Purple, Fairytale

    Edit(KP) adding Information:
    Quote Originally Posted by godofsparkle View Post
    Forest - Helios ( 9 ) win
    Water - Anubis ( 9 ) win
    Light - Aether ( 9 ) win
    Winter - Aether ( 9 ) win
    Poison - Helios ( 9 ) win
    Stone - Aether ( 9 ) win
    Cosmic - Aether ( 9 ) win
    Amethyst - Dark Angel ( 9 ) win
    Mythic - Origami ( 9 ) win
    Topaz - Dark Angel ( 9 ) win
    Night - Angel ( 9 ) win
    Pegasus - Leviathan ( 8 ) win
    Trickster - Unicorn ( 9 ) win
    Mask - Angel ( 9 ) win
    Samurai - Origami ( 9 ) win
    Super - Origami ( 9 ) win
    Fireworks - Unicorn ( 9 ) win
    Medusa - Unicorn ( 9 ) win
    Treasure - Dark Angel ( 9 ) win
    Big Bad - Dark Angel ( 9 ) win 5 gold obtained
    Kitsune - Dark Angel ( 9 ) win
    Goblin - Mismoth ( 9 ) win
    Leviathan - lightning ( 9 ) win
    Lightning - dark angel ( 9 ) win
    Nightelf - angel ( 9 ) win 5 gold obtained
    Crusader - mercury ( 10 ) win
    Helios - unicorn ( 9 ) win
    Dark angel - angel ( 9 ) win
    Diamond - mercury ( 9 ) win
    Phoenix - lightning ( 9 ) win

    Have a good battle all !
    Ps : Phoenix needs 3 hours to hathed

    Quote Originally Posted by sand View Post
    Complete Guide to Phoenix Tournament Victory
    -- all the rounds in one place!
    For notes specific to each section of the tournament, click the links to my original posts.

    Each challenger (arena's dragon) is followed by the rarity to be used and the colors/elements that are strong against it. Weak colors have been weeded out. E.g., white is weak against purple and stone, but those colors are weak against green, so purple and stone are not listed as colors to use in battling Pegasus.
    COLOR: Pick champions that have the most strong colors against the challenger. Colors listed twice are NOT an error; they are actually scored twice because they are strong against more than one of the challenger's colors!
    RARITY: For the scoring grid currently in use, you only need to match the challenger's rarity. You may use a higher rarity, but you won't get extra points for doing so. C is common; R is rare; S is super-rare; X is unbreedable or retired; U is ultra-rare.
    LEVEL: In rounds 1-20 try to use your highest level dragons after selecting for color and rarity. See the original posts for rounds 21-25 and 26-30 for how to chose levels later on.

    1. Forest: use C - red myth dino gem
    2. Water: use C - yel pur gem rnbw
    3. Light: use C - blu pur stn rnbw
    4. Winter: use C - yel pur pur gem rnbw blu
    5. Poison: use C - red myth dino gem grn pnk trsr zod
    6. Stone: use R - grn blu
    7. Cosmic: use S/X - whi pur
    8. Amethyst: use R - grn blk dino diam zod trsr
    9. Mythic: use R - whi pink ftl dino
    10. Topaz: use R - pnk blk blk cos dino zod diam

    11. Night: use C - grn whi cos rnbw
    12. Pegasus: use R - red blu dino gem rnbw
    13. Trickster: use R - pnk pnk blk grn zod zod
    14. Mask: use R - grn whi blk cos rnbw trsr
    15. Samurai: use S/X - yel pnk pnk blk stn zod
    16. Super: use R - yel yel pur gem pnk rnbw trsr
    17. Fireworks: use S/X - yel yel pur pnk blk gem cos rnbw
    18. Medusa: use R - red whi pnk pnk gem myth ftl dino dino trsr
    19. Treasure: use S/X - yel diam
    20. Big Bad: use S/X - blk cos zod

    21. Kitsune: use S/X - blk gem ftl trsr
    22. Goblin: use S/X - blu stn whi cos rnbw
    23. Leviathan: use S/X - yel yel blu pur gem rnbw
    24. Lightning: use S/X - pnk blk blk gem cos ftl zod
    25. Night Elf: use S/X - grn whi cos rnbw

    26. Crusader: use U - yel blu stn diam
    27. Helios: use U - whi pnk ftl dino diam
    28. Dark Angel: use U - grn whi cos rnbw diam
    29. Diamond: use U - diam
    30. Phoenix: use S/X - yel pnk blk cos stn

    If you have to settle for a champion with less than 2 strong colors, refer to the main color guide on the front page of this thread for weak colors to avoid.
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    So.. No etheral dragon?

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    Beautiful baby! I beat forest with an epic Atlas using BMM, actually thought i was gonna lose. Are the battle rules CRAZY and senseless again? .__. I won 2 leviathan pearls though.

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    I was about to say they are giving two pearls again. I was losing to forest with my epic forest when the game reset. I defeated it finally with MBB.

    I so wish I has gold to speed things along. I cannot deal with any other fiascos. I want this dragon!

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    What's the Phoenix look like?

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    The Ethereal Dragon tournament doesn't even appear yet and you guys already did this?

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    But I HAVE TO ASK! WHY aren't we getting the chance to have the Ethereal dragon? That's completely unfair. No one even got a chance to battle for it. I'd rather have the Ethereal dragon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AraRaider View Post
    But I HAVE TO ASK! WHY aren't we getting the chance to have the Ethereal dragon? That's completely unfair. No one even got a chance to battle for it. I'd rather have the Ethereal dragon...
    Me too. It's difficult to get excited about new features when they don't make it available. All the weeks of teases and pop-ups, and no chance to try is frustrating.

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