View Poll Results: What items would you like for your home?

52. You may not vote on this poll
  • Fish Tank

    28 53.85%
  • Basketball Hoop

    10 19.23%
  • Pool with Waterfall

    34 65.38%
  • Pink Carpet

    21 40.38%
  • Summer Couches (ocean blue, yellow, etc)

    23 44.23%
  • Tree with Swing

    31 59.62%
  • Charcoal BBQ Grill

    25 48.08%
  • Outdoor Patio

    28 53.85%
  • Tennis Court

    16 30.77%
  • Sewing Machine

    19 36.54%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Home Design Poll - 7-24-13

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    Home Design Poll - 7-24-13

    Hey architects and interior designers!
    What items would you like to see come to your home?
    You can vote only once, but choose multiple items.

    You can continue to leave more suggestions here.
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    Rhino Keeper rosieposy6912's Avatar
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    Those are a bunch of cool stuff to see in home design story! I voted for everything except the fish tank and basketball hoop.

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    Voted, but really what point is there to polling us? You have yet to give us anything we voted for on previous polls.

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    I would like to see an actual movie screen, theatre chairs, popcorn machine, a bar for an entertainment room, kitchen islands that allow you to put items on top of them, garage, cars/motorcycles, pets i.e. dogs (Shih Tzu, Yorkie, German Shepherd, etc.), dishwashers, cook tops (gas & electric), ability to make a second level with balcony, craft room items, plate of regular cookies, Keurig k-cup machine, ability to expand more, ability to change the color of items, windows with shutters, pergolas with option to put furniture underneath, outdoor kitchen/decor items, i.e. grill, outdoor fireplace, horses, ability to put items on ALL tables, countertops, furniture, etc., more decorative trays (i.e., with food/magazines/d?cor items, etc.), more decorative pictures and items to put on tables/counters, ottomans, smaller curio cabinets, corner cabinets, walk-in closets, more wall pictures and mirrors, matching kitchen wall cabinets, wine cooler/refrigerator.

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    A black piano bench, curtains for windows, more wallpaper choices, flooring, wingback chairs, pictures to put on tables, and a closed baby grand piano so you can put pictures on the piano top.

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    The latest updates are great, but where is the fall decor?!?! And it's time for new Halloween items

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    I won't repeat my list, but just left one in the "suggestions" section. Would love to see some of them! Hint, hint, :-)

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    I would really like to these all the things in the poll put into the game! i think for players like myself that love to play and keep updating our decor would really appreciate all these items. I also agree with abeauti41 a movie theater with an actual movie screen, with movie chair, popcorn maker, and accessories would be lovely. Please keep Home Design Story fresh and entertaining by placing more items.

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    I would love the pool and waterfall!

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    I want the Romantic Swing, but it's locked (even though I'm on level 80 and many at much lower levels have it) - some players have said they think it's no longer available - but if that's true, why would it show up as a 'Locked By Goal' item in my Outdoors Section of the Market? Any clues? Anybody?

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