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Thread: Poker app can't open on my iPad

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    Poker app can't open on my iPad

    My poker app won't open since yesterday. It closes every time I try launching. Was I blocked from using it on my iPad? It works fine on my iPhone.

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    Which Ipad do you have?

    Force close you games.
    Click you home button twice, your icons will show up at the bottom

    [IMG]***PKRBxsz yWFKkDmOxwXrqLhb7dADwnKnLPx[/IMG]Then you hit the red minus sign for the apps you want to close out. you can scroll to find more.

    If you are on an older IPad and cannot force close, restart your device.

    Also turn you wifi off then back on and make sure you have a strong connection.
    Check your Ipad and make sure you have the most current software update.

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