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Thread: Wonky Breeding

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    Wonky Breeding

    So, I bred a Tusker (red/white) and Water (blue) in an attempt to get the Independence and I ended up with... a Love! How is it possible to get a red/white dragon from that combination?!?
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    (I couldn't figure out what I got so I took a picture of the breeding time and it ended up a Love!)

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    Getting love is a normal outcome. In this case the Water was cancelled out, but I do think there is a breeding problem. I just tried breeding Topaz and Diamond and got an Island (impossible!)

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    It's possible. Your Tusker kept its elements and the water didnt come into play. Happens sometimes. It's the oddities of the breeding rules. Which actually means there are little to no stable rules.

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    Be happy, it's not virtue !!

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    Yes that is definitely possible but there is wonky breeding going on, sapphire topaz combo just landed me 20 hours there should be no possible outcome for those 2 for 20 hours

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    Some really weirdness is going one. This thread and the rainbow thread are reporting strange breeding results.

    I'd recommend not using gold to speed breed right now until this is all figured out by TL. You would just be wasting it.

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    Closing this thread as the original post was about a normal outcome from the selected combo.
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