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Thread: Restaurant Story Theme Suggestions

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    Theme Ideas!
    Ostara goddess of spring theme
    Plant Based Eating Theme: Vegan, Gluten Free Theme
    US National Forest Theme

    We Need MORE Space! Please tell Storm 8 to open up more expansion slots. We?ve ad no new expansions for close to 2 years. Please! More Expansions!


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    I have a couple of suggestions for this game.

    The food that you can obtain the most coins is cooking Roast Chicken which you can make 8 coins per dish. I consider that we should have a new recipe or a few new ones added to the easy stove, grilled stove, or basic stove where you earn more profit.

    I would like to see more decorations of pirates since the current ones that we have in the game are very creative and nice so having more would be fantastic.

    Another theme that I recommend is somebody going on vacation and trying out different types of tacos and cold beverages like tropical juices.

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    Well its been 50yrs since we went to the moon how about a space one or moon one or something like that
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