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Thread: Restaurant Story Theme Suggestions

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    I know theres been tons of beach type themes already but im trying to crate a beach in my restaurant and theres not enough decorations for a beach! So maybe another beach goal?
    it could include a tropical drink oven with drinks that are served in a coconut or a pineapple

    also a camping theme:
    trees!!! we need trees! picnic table with bench, hammock on trees (but not palm trees), campfire

    oven could be things like:
    campfire smores or roasted marshmallows
    campfire sausage/hotdogs
    some type of fish that you catch in a lake maybe like catfish,bass etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilliepaddd View Post
    Still waiting for Canadian items, since it’s Canada Day July 1st! Oh well. 6 prizes is awesome!
    I would like a Canada theme or items too

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    Now we have enough beach goals, summer and desert themes and water related themes. An airplane dinner theme would be so cool!! Wall paper like airplane cabin, carpet tiles, airplane first class seats and tables, stoves that serve airplane dinner, snacks, dessert. A drink machine serving juices or flavoured water. Air hostess server and air plane windows as decorations.

    Sounds really cool. A retro style diner theme.
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    Here’s a thought ... How about a Reggae Club theme? Or an outdoor Reggae concert theme?
    I’m from Chicago and we have all kinds of outdoor concerts but the Reggae ones are very cool!
    A Dreadlock band on Stage could be the main goal! Red, Gold & Green tables and wallpaper, the food
    is awesome too! Beef Patties, Red Snapper, Curry Shrimp and maybe a drink machine? People selling their wares on tables, etc. It’s a great way to end the summer...
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    Egyptian theme please!!!!

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    Future Goal Suggestion

    I would love to see a coffee goal where we can obtain items related to a coffee shop. It would be so cute to set up a small coffee shop area in my restaurant. I know we have a lot of coffee fans who play restaurant story. I know we have coffee items already but it would be nice to have more coffee related items.
    Thank you so much!
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    Pool party theme with actual big pool (not made of tiles like i always do). More realistic looking and people that we can put in water that look like they r swimming, walking in water

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    They should make a day of the death, dia de los muertos, that would be so cool... La catrina and all the stuff Mexico does on the day of the dead.. A gothic Goal would also be cool!!

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    A New Orleans theme with streetcars, oak trees, Riverboat, Jazz, French Quarter, swamp and Cajun decor. The wallpaper could be oaks with moss and swamp background.

    Floor Decor:
    Oaks with moss
    Floor tiles with cobblestone and brick

    Red Beans
    Shrimp Po-Boy
    King cake

    ***MORE MARDI GRAS gotta love NOLA

    Also Shot Gun houses and Fleur de lis
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    I would like to see another cowboy theme. We already have several decorations of this kind, but it is always good to have more decorations. Also, it is a theme that can always work either in the spring or the summer. It would be great to see more recipes and new decorations similar to the ones of the cowboy crate.

    Another suggestion that I would like to see in Restaurant Story is the introduction of the Magic Oven. Recently, for black friday the Magic Stove was for sale. It would be great to have this new oven because we can cook food in the stove and the food will not spoil. Hopefully, when the Magic Stove is for sale or if they create the Magic oven it is a price that is reasonable for us to purchase it. I hope that this kind of appliances are for sale before black friday because this is the time that it normally is for sale.

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