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Thread: Restaurant Story Theme Suggestions

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    Southern Bell being a lady of course lol not an actualbell

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerriBellaGrace View Post
    Southern Bell being a lady of course lol not an actualbell
    Then you mean Southern Belle. Hahaha.

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    A Summer Theme would be nice. Some Items could be
    Glass on the Sea ( 10000 coins ) (Level 21) (Wall Decro)
    Beach Table,Chair,Stove,and counter (500 coins) (Level 21)
    Sandy Tile (51 coins) (Level 21) Storm Watch (21 level)

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    I would LOVE to play a restaurant story themed as '1950s'

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    I want colorful theme. We could have:
    Candy oven: Round Lollipop (1 hr), Striped lollipop (2 hr), and Colorful Round lollipop (4 hr)
    Cotton Candy oven: Purple Cotton Candy (1 hr), Pink Cotton Candy (2 hr), and Blue Cotton Candy (4 hr)

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    oh yeah....Belle lol

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    Kak, artiy apa sih? Q g tau Bhs. Inggris. 

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    Jangan ngmong di threat dong de, kirim aj message ke kk..
    Itu saran kk buat game ini. Kk mau ad candy oven dan cotton candy oven.

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    I'm so sorry. 

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    I would love to see a Caribbean theme . For example Dominican dishes , birds, nice decorations and mainly the Dominican flag .It is summer time and it would be awesome to have a Caribbean theme . Hope each one of you like my suggestion .Thank you

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