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Thread: Restaurant Story Theme Suggestions

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    I worry the hospital theme, as opposed to a light medical theme, will not go with anyone's existing decor at all. Personally, I would like to see more content around the areas of coal mining, panning for gold, lumberjacking, that sort of thing! Miner's caf?, precious gemstone, lumberjack breakfast,
    Also just generally being hot: I want to see the bots sweating, fanning themselves, drinking bottles of water, running to air conditioning, etc. Also there are no screen doors to transition within a restaurant to its patio area, so maybe something that incorporates a screen door or patio door could be useful, as floor decoration AND as wall decoration, too.

    Sorta related to being hot, there isn't nearly enough desert content. I love the cactus on Golden Spike, but the separate cactus you can buy is cartoonish; two new cacti would be grand. In that theme, i would also like to see a mirage, cactus pear or prickly pear, high desert wallapaper, tumbleweeds, snakes and scorpions, a big camel or horse or caravan being ridden, and a better wallpaper than the sunset Sand Dunes...maybe just one with a clear blue sky, classic burning hot sun, dry brush and rocky sand dunes in the background. In general, outdoor-friendly wall decor is mostly limited to Seagulls, a bird house (though no tree to put it on) and the Cloud Clock...not much AT something that you can put on any wallpaper that has a sky background would be versatile. You could take New Mexico's cuisine as the appliance inspiration? Xmas chili peppers, black beans, blue corn, that sort of thing.

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    NOLA Heritage theme

    NOLA Theme, New Orleans is more than Mardi Gras, its full of culture, arts, history, food and music
    Shot Gun Houses
    Roman Chewing Candy carriage
    Lucky Dog stand
    Jazz music stand
    Red Beans & Rice
    Art posters
    Riverboat (large)
    Crescent City Bridge
    Muddy Water
    Hand Grenade
    During the goal offer old stoves from Mardi Gras themes and a crate and side goal related
    A Miami or Los Angeles theme would also be great. ESP for summer.

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    Im not sure if someone already mention this but i will love to have a library / bookstore theme with shelves, carpet, kid read section and cute book counters and maybe a Phoebe librarian 😆
    PD: also add flags from other countries (i know maybe too many flags)

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    I?d really like either a ?southern belle? type theme or something 1776-ish.

    I really just want a cannon tbh.

    I know we had kinda a southern theme because we have the riverboat and a ?southern granny? but maybe something more ?old New Orleans southern??

    I placed the riverboat rn but don?t have anything else that really goes with it and I?m not ready to add the beach stuff yet.

    Idk what I want tbh I just want a cannon

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    Didn?t see post above for New Orleans theme. I swear we had a Mardi Gras theme but I could be wrong. I really like your idea of non-mardi gras New Orleans theme tho

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    I was looking for a different recipe that I normally do not cook in my restaurant and I decided to cook buttermilk pancake. I like how the buttermilk pancake looks in the counter the size and the texture is perfect, but while it's being served at the table the pancake looks lighter in the side. My idea is to have that pancake with the same color throughout as a new recipe. Also, if I am not mistaking there are not many kinds of pancakes in the game the ones that I have seen are the lovely pancake, Santa Pancake, pumpkin pancake and buttermilk pancake. It would be great to see different kinds of pancakes such as Cinnamon pancake, blue berry pancake some blue berry in the top and if possible some in the sides, strawberry pancake with a strawberry on the top and Cinnamon roll pancake added as new recipes to the game. This can be developed as a theme maybe someone at the kitchen preparing a pancake or four people eating pancake on the table similar to pizza party decoration. Lastly, a recipe from Bakery Story that should be added in Restaurant Story in the basic stove or easy oven or during mini goal added to an oven is the Black Forest cake.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Buttermilk Pancake

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pizza Party
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    Can we have tables designed like the shuttle counter please

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    Can you stop making the weird little foods all grouped on trays? Just code it to show one item in a decent serving bowl, or a nice tray. The two or three items on a baking tray is just ugly, IMO. Thanks

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    Maybe something about noodles, or spicy food, or asian food like vietnamese or thai??

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    Gran-Gran, Chef Lee & Phoebe in festive outfits in a goal or regular update for coins this year.

    Phoebe is already decked in a festive outfit in these splash screens.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    An idea for Gran-Gran's outfit.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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