I worry the hospital theme, as opposed to a light medical theme, will not go with anyone's existing decor at all. Personally, I would like to see more content around the areas of coal mining, panning for gold, lumberjacking, that sort of thing! Miner's caf?, precious gemstone, lumberjack breakfast,
Also just generally being hot: I want to see the bots sweating, fanning themselves, drinking bottles of water, running to air conditioning, etc. Also there are no screen doors to transition within a restaurant to its patio area, so maybe something that incorporates a screen door or patio door could be useful, as floor decoration AND as wall decoration, too.

Sorta related to being hot, there isn't nearly enough desert content. I love the cactus on Golden Spike, but the separate cactus you can buy is cartoonish; two new cacti would be grand. In that theme, i would also like to see a mirage, cactus pear or prickly pear, high desert wallapaper, tumbleweeds, snakes and scorpions, a big camel or horse or caravan being ridden, and a better wallpaper than the sunset Sand Dunes...maybe just one with a clear blue sky, classic burning hot sun, dry brush and rocky sand dunes in the background. In general, outdoor-friendly wall decor is mostly limited to Seagulls, a bird house (though no tree to put it on) and the Cloud Clock...not much AT ALL...so something that you can put on any wallpaper that has a sky background would be versatile. You could take New Mexico's cuisine as the appliance inspiration? Xmas chili peppers, black beans, blue corn, that sort of thing.