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Thread: Restaurant Story Theme Suggestions

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    Restaurant Story Theme Suggestions

    Hey everyone!

    We know our players are full of ideas when it comes to our games. We have gathered a list of great ideas for themes in Restaurant Story over the past few months, but we want to get even more fresh ideas for potential NEW themes!

    Are you enjoying our recent Carnival Theme? Help us come up with another great theme that all Restaurant Story players will enjoy! Let us know what your idea is in this thread, so we can include it in a future poll! No theme is too silly or too weird. Definitely share whatever is on your mind!

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    I would love to go with a Fast Food theme.
    This can include items such as a drive thru window, buffet area, high bar stools, etc.

    How about a Fancy Restaurant theme.

    Or maybe a Coffee Shop theme.

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    how about the PResident is coming to our restaurant, we could prepare foods, and go for tables and chairs that are

    What about aliens have landed? UFO tables,chairs and ovens. We could prepare weird named foods for them.

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    I like the drive thru window idea

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    A zoo theme

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    Princess theme

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    just suggested in bakery story, but can apply here too: middle eastern theme. or mediterranean/middle eastern. there's certainly a ton of food possibilities which i haven't seen on the appliances i have so far (and this theme would definitely warrant more than 3 new recipies, thank you very much). and you could have some gorgeous floor patterns in that theme.

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    how about some historical theme? but from Europe history

    or some fantasy theme.. LOTR and so

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    I would love to see a Paris/French theme with GOAL items like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe. Perhaps the tables and chairs could look like bistros sets for outdoor cafes. Recipes could include croissants, baguettes, crepes, ratatouille, coffee/espresso and champagne/wine. I know it almost sounds like BS stuff, but don't some restaurants have some of these items too? RS also needs more dividers to choose from like wrought iron dividers for the french theme. I loved the idea of large windows like what we just had for the Cruise Ship theme, but for the French theme you could make those large French double windows and even the door can have a nice window in it too. Decor items can include the Mona Lisa painting, large posters that read, "Bon Appetit" or "Bistro Francais", or french style outdoor lamps, traditional sconces for the wall, a display of a French guy painting on a canvas while wearing a beret (that could be a goal item actually). You could also include some large street trees, large flowers in a vase, or even a French waiter, a free standing vintage style watering can. Black & white strip with wainscoting would make a nice wall paper for indoor style or even a damask pattern and somehow a wall paper featuring a ******d scallop edge awning for outdoor styles.

    Anyway, I think you get my drift. Now get to it...chop, chop. LOL!

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    How about a Southern Theme?
    We could have:
    Southern Drink Machine-
    Sweet Tea/Ice Tea
    Mint Julep
    Southern Oven-
    Biscuits and Gravy
    Fried Chicken(With Mash Potatoes)
    Pork Chops(With Collard Greens)
    Pecan Pie
    Lemon Bars
    Angel Food Cake(or bunt cake)
    Southern Bell(Floor decoration)
    Southern Cake Display(Floor Decoration)
    Family Portrait(Wall Decoration)
    Grandfather Clock(Wall Decoration)
    Rocking Chair or Old Wooden Chair
    Old Wooden Table or Picnicish pattern table XD

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