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Thread: Bakery Story Theme Suggestions

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    I just love Pixie gamers ideas! Also I would love to see a whole bunch of back to school stuff, classroom items, activities, and all things school related. Thanks guys!

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    Would love to see a return to intricate tiered cakes... much like the romantic, romantic rose, spring and amethyst cakes... it IS a bakery after all... sigh...

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    For Halloween goals plz have some fun creative Halloween desserts. There was one year where there was a witch oven that has healthy apples, toothpaste, etc. And that's ridiculous and not what I want to see in my bakery. Candy and dessert plz on plates. Cute designs plz no more food looking like what you have been giving us lately. It's pretty hard to ruin Halloween...

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    A barn I need a barn. 😉 we have animals and crops but no barn.

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