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Thread: Bakery Story Theme Suggestions

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    New Doors!!!

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    Uhhh... CATS

    Why has there never been a cat theme!? Not something boring though, it should be ridiculously cute, possibly pink/pastel and leave out the little people. Just. Cats.

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    Magical lake

    Some type of fairy forest or magical lake theme. Sparkles and soft glowing feminine decor and furniture not big bulky things. A nice fountain that looks aged with flowering vines. Fairy wings as a wall light or on the back of a chair. Also those lamps that have hanging lanterns to light the way through a forest path... Oh and it would be great to have outdoor floor tiles that match and can lead to decorations and look like they belong. And don?t look like they are different shades of grass or stone.

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    It would be nice to see more cultural themes.
    -French Parisian
    -Mexico: Cinco de Mayo, Dia de Los Muertos
    -Juneteenth and Kwanzaa
    -a big one to do right now is an Asian/Pacific Islanders since we just started their heritage month
    -Jewish Holidays

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwixAndScones View Post
    I would like more robots within the game please. Or a futuristic type design.

    I have so far 3 robots within my bakery, soon to be 5 (if the "Boom Bot" returns) and would love to have a massive robot collection.

    Here is suggestions of what the robots could look like.
    Attachment 54701 (a sketch I found online)
    Attachment 54702

    Though to be fair, I wouldn't mind even if it was like or were actually the robots from restaurant story - just implemented in bakery.

    The valentines robot is cute, and is the Robot Chef
    Attachment 54703
    Attachment 54704

    However - preferably just offer them in a box.

    As I feel the complaints will be smaller if it were a box or a crate, rather than a goal.

    Since buying boxes/crates aren't necessarily a way or means to progress in the game? It's more of an add on.
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