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Thread: Bakery Story Theme Suggestions

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    Space theme, please. ✨��✨

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    Quote Originally Posted by nia0079 View Post
    We need the ability to bulk sell/trade food items on counters rather than only clear the counters.
    Agree completely!! Maybe allow them to sell the food at a discounted rate. There could even be a limit like 1 counter day. I made a post about it but not sure if it can make waves or not.

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    I would love a theme centered around a royal tea party or “high tea”! For decor I’d imagine florals, pastels, tiered serving trays, chandeliers, French doors, teacup and teapot displays, weeping willows with hanging lights, hutches with doilies, cute china cabinets.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    For recipes there could be crumpets, cucumber finger sandwiches, sugar cubes, marmalade…

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    Princess cakes

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    Snowball cookies or Russian tea cakes

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    Lavender or blueberry scones with icing.
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    Some other decor and recipe ideas…

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hanging Wisteria

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pink Champagne cheesecake

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    Stacked luggage

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    Fuzzy poof chairs

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Raffaello cake

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    Pink and white peony cushioned swing (without a person)

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    Feather Display

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pampas grass

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    All I ask for is a cute pastel pink door w/ white accents like lace or something 🥺

    oh! and a SELECT ALL button when gifting neighbors.

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    love all these ideas 😍

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    Here are some more:

    1.We need more varieties in nighttime wallpapers like the firefly field.

    2. We also need windows showing a NIGHT SKY outside. I have a nightime bakery right now but my indoor section feels boxed in because i have blank staring walls...can't add windows because of the cheesy blue sky....

    3. Could we have some snow laden treee boughs too...i would love to do an Xmas in Central Park..., even a whole dedicated goal set wouldn't be too much...i still have that old Romantic skate 4x4....

    4. We need more CURTAINS and better window treatments. We don't have any xept some really basic prinmcess curtains and the old basic white windows don't fit the game aesthetic too well anymore.

    5. Could we also have better utilitarian displays of things like ladles, stacked mixing bowls, mitts and teacups/coffee mugs.

    6. More and dynamic Loretta and Hazels please (something along the lines of the recent "Crust Baker" item, which I loved, kudos to whomever drew that!)...but WHERE IS JEAN PIERRE? We need a chef in the kitchen... I am missing all the SHADE....
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    Quote Originally Posted by SyddieSweetShop View Post
    Internet Cafe.

    I'm talking electronics. So tired of the house deco.
    Thank you for fulfilling my request in the previous months!

    Since yall actually did this one, I'm hoping my new request for an airport theme will be considered 👀

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    Could the gift options be easier to scroll through? Maybe list them like neighbors in alphabetical order.

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