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Thread: swing dance floor

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    swing dance floor

    Hey i have a problem. When i place the swing dance floor it donsent show it...
    its not that i cant place it. I know its huge. I made a lot of room for it. And when i place it it just
    Show me the dreen grid on floor it takes and when i klik to place
    Its show nothing. And i even can put their my chairs back... Lik
    It dosnt exist... What might be the broblem?

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    This often occurs when placing large items such as the swing dance floor. Its a lag. I got in when placing the petting zoo goal item. The best thing to do is to restart the game and you shouldn't have any more problems. If you still have problems though, report back here and me and others can help you

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    This is a large item. While you may have cleared extra room for it, please note you may need to clear more floor space to place the item.

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