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Thread: klikk and no gems... phone bug

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    Angry klikk and no gems... phone bug

    Hii guys. I had 42 gems but in mistake i klik a lot
    of time when i was in the market window and i klik on a tower that cost 20000 coinns
    I didnt have them and in mistake i bought coins in gems.... It really disapoint me
    Bacause it took me a lot of time to earn them!!! And only because a bug when the klikkkk
    Stucked ...Does i can get my gems back ? ... Pleaase..... I have now 36.... It took from me 6 gems!!!!!! It a lot!!!! Please......

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    Buy the way. I didnt bought that tower of course. I will be happy to get my gems back when the coins
    That they bought me will be disapear...

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    I'm sorry that this has happened. We are unable to help you with that in the forums. You'll need to email and have them check your game.
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