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Thread: Castle 6-27-2013 Update - The Dragon Egg

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    I have to be honest. I am really tired of the random drop eggs. I have been a devoted player for many many months and still lack the Alicorn. I did not get excited about the new dragon egg because I know the pattern. it is a very slim chance I will get it considering my experience with the game.
    A devoted player, who has given so much time to the game, should be able to obtain the egg without spending a lot of money or hoping to be one of the few that recieves a lucky "drop".
    The game play has to change or many are destined to leave.
    Everyone deletes games when they stop being fun.

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    You know it's kind of funny. I installed dragon story because I got a goal, but I thought it was kind of fun for a while and though I might keep playing past all the Castle Story goals. Then I realized the entire game was waiting a day for dragon egg that inevitably was not the dragon egg I was looking for...

    I deleted DS as soon as I got he last goal.

    This update had promise, but if I wanted to play DS, I'd play DS.

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    These random quests are boring. I have played constantly Nd still no Alicorn wing.

    Frustrating and silly. Glad I play for free.

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    We did not have to wait for the manticore egg why do we have to wait for a dragon???? I don't understand when the alicorn was the same and we had no control over if we got it or not. I still have not gotten my glimmer trove after emailing for help and don't understand this game sometimes. Don't get me wrong team lava games have been good to me but I took something out. Of my control and put it in mine by purchasing the dragon. However I would like to get the free dragon and the goals. Thank you for allowing me to voice my frustration.

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    Just collected from roost. No egg. 22 hrs to go. Haha this is like alicorn all over again. At least there is no goal until I get the egg. I hate to see uncomplete goals.

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    I have yet to receive even one badge. No luck with alicorn either and I play frequently. I am about to quit playing if I don't see an egg in a day or two. Have enjoyed the game but am growing weary of the rare random drops and goals.

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    Even though I both bought AND found an egg,I really think everyone should the goals,not when you get lucky-please TL,do not turn Castle into the frustration that is Dragon Story,a few chance items are ok,but players like Castle because you used to be able to work hard on your kindom and guarantee get rewarded,if they wanted a game based on chance,they would've gone to Dragon.

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    Smile I have collected three books so far.

    Quote Originally Posted by sugarzen6 View Post
    Is anyone having luck getting the books from the library? I only have one but I've sped it up 3 times and no books so far.
    I have two libraries at Level 5 and have collected three Bestiary books so far. One drop from the library gave me TWO, yay!! The dragon egg is quite beautiful .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashleighncurrie View Post
    I hate this whole random drop thing. It's ridiculous. It doesn't treat all game players fairly! It's a quest line so should be available to everyone who plays the game at the same time. Not by some stupid random drop. I think by the fact that some people still don't have a wing or a horn for the alicorn 5 MONTHS after valentines says it all. Take advice from the people who play the game as we are the ones who spend hard earned money on the game sometimes

    I'm still waiting for the horn too even though I have adventured daily since Feb

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    Don't get frustrated yet. Just yesterday I could craft my first alicorn although I do one adventure a day. But I just needed to collect from the roost twice to get a dragon egg today.

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