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Thread: Castle 6-27-2013 Update - The Dragon Egg

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    Castle 6-27-2013 Update - The Dragon Egg

    Castle Story Update - Dragon Egg
    When a dragon egg appears in the Glimmerwood, everyone has their own theories on how to hatch it! Help Thomas research ancient beasts, build a catapult with Thurston, and help Sabina get ready for the new baby! Ivy wants to build an incubator, too. Send your knights on daring adventures, sharpen your broadswords and get ready - every kingdom needs some dragons!

    All your favorite characters get involved in the scramble to prepare for the Glimmerwood's newest resident!

    Unlock new crafts and recipes in an epic questline! Can you figure out how to hatch the Dragon Egg?
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    We are all excited about the dragon. Some lucky players already have their egg. I hope to get mine soon & get started on this newest quest!

    To get the dragon egg you need to expand to the forgotten roost and collect from it. If you're lucky you will find the dragon egg.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dabag View Post
    Thread: Castle 6-27-2013 Update - The Dragon Egg

    The Dragon Egg
    (need to be level 25 or higher)

    The Dragon Egg is a RARE drop from the Forgotten Roost
    Expanding to the Forgotten Roost requires jewelled talon from
    Princess Sabina Faire Chain

    Collect the Dragon Egg from the Forgotten Roost and goals start to appear.

    1. How Clean is your Library
    . Find the Ten Volumes of Encyclopedia Bestiary
    (higher level libraries should have it
    REWARDS 2,400 coin 8xp

    2. Hatching a Plan
    (takes items from your storage
    . GIVE Sabina 30 Wool
    . BOIL30 Water
    . WARM 30 Milk
    REWARDS 2,400 coin 8xp

    3. Cracking the Case
    . GIVE Thurston a Whisperweight Net
    (make in the Magic Forge
    . GIVEThurston 20 Hides
    REWARDS 2,400 coin 8xp

    Whisperweight Net: Magic Forge 8 hours
    10 Mithril. 50 Wool. 5 Enchanters Essence
    Craft Mithril: 2 Days 50 Silver Ore
    RARE drop from Deep mines OR craft at the magic forge if you have the 4th Shard.
    Collect Wool from Sheep: surprise, it?s a RARE drop to.
    Enchanters Essence
    Craft Enchanter Essence: 2 hours Potion Shop
    5 Glimmerdust. 5 water. 5 mermaid scales

    4. Shell Game
    . LAUNCH the Egg in the Catapult
    REWARDS 500 coin 3xp

    5. Cruelty to Cabbages
    . Launch 50 Cabbages
    REWARES 2,400 coin 8xp

    6. Hack And Slash
    . GIVE Thurston 5 Longswords
    (magic forge 2hr. 5 iron ore. 1 jewel
    REWARDS 2,400 coin 8xp

    7. Incubation Plans
    . GIVE Thomas 50 Library Records
    REWARDS 2,400 coin 8xp

    8. Raw Materials
    . Find 1 Large Diamond(deep mines)
    . Get 1 Golden Fleece (RARE drop from Sheep/Stables
    . Get 1 Burning Ember (Adventure in the Desert Sands
    1 Sweet Feast. 5 Light Armor. 9500 coin

    9. A Noble Nest
    . USE 1 Diamond Glass
    Magic Forge 2 days: 1 diamond . 50 jewels . 30 coals
    . USE 1 Golden Fleece
    . USE 1 Fiery Potion
    Potion Shop 2 days: 1 burning ember . 10 lumin essence
    . BORROW Thurstons Helmet
    . USE 1 Dragon Egg
    REWARDS 2,400 coin 8xp

    once you finish the dragon quest, you will have a new recipe

    TLP : New Recipe in the Magic Forge
    collect another egg from the nest OR buy another dragon egg
    2 days: 1dragon egg. 1 burning ember. 10 lumin essence

    Quote Originally Posted by mamareader02 View Post
    After only 2 books in 2 days,I skipped the books,second goal was to give wool and 2 more things to sabina(I forgot),THEN you have to make a net for thurston:10 mithrill,50 wool,and I jeez,I just forgot how many of the blue potion stuff in potion shop(at least 10)sorry so frantic w amounts,was trying so hard to remember.i need some more wool to make the net,then that takes 8 hours to make in the forge.thats all the current info I got
    Quote Originally Posted by Anyuszko View Post
    I made The net. It needs 10 mithril, 50 wool, 5 enchanter essence.

    Next quest: you need 50 cabbages (you better prepare for it...)
    Next: you need 5 longsword.
    Next: you need 50 library record (you have to ask neighbours to it will take 2 days.) I am currently here. Wont skipnbecause it takes 200 gem.

    I got my egg this morning from The nest. I skipped The book quest, made through others (with some speeding)

    Hope it helps others.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anyuszko View Post
    I add some pics (forgot to record all):

    Please note that if you buy the baby dragon it will not trigger the quest. You'll get the quest when you get an egg from the roost.

    The baby dragon is ready to tend every hour and takes about 20 tends to mature.

    Has been reported to drop coins, coal, dragon scales, longswords, light armour, jewels, earth wisps, energy and gems. The collection time is 22 hours once it is fully grown.

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    Sounds pretty cool, and a lot deeper than I originally thought. Not thrilled about the fact that it is apparently contingent on some unknown luck factor to even get started. Seems to be a recurring theme these days.

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    Is anyone having luck getting the books from the library? I only have one but I've sped it up 3 times and no books so far.

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    Yeah for an entire quest line, there should be an automatic trigger like collecting from Ivy/Thomas/Thurston/Sabina in past quest lines. I went to my roost this morning and got an egg, unfortunately it was a manticore.

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    Awwwwwwww, it's a random thing.
    Unlikely I'll see this quest for a while then. Maybe if I'm lucky next year.

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    I hate this whole random drop thing. It's ridiculous. It doesn't treat all game players fairly! It's a quest line so should be available to everyone who plays the game at the same time. Not by some stupid random drop. I think by the fact that some people still don't have a wing or a horn for the alicorn 5 MONTHS after valentines says it all. Take advice from the people who play the game as we are the ones who spend hard earned money on the game sometimes

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    Whe do you get it? The Forgotten Roost? The Knight's Hall? Where??? I want it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by evangelina812 View Post
    Whe do you get it? The Forgotten Roost? The Knight's Hall? Where??? I want it!
    Forgotten roost. Random drop. So you could be waiting an age....

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    Wow I guess I was really lucky on this one. This morning I got the popup saying there was a dragon egg, collected from my roost and got the egg. I assumed it was meant to work as the manticore egg did. A really rare drop only after the first one.

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