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Thread: Bakery Update July 3 2013 & Pirate Goals (Goals Are Expired)

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    Bakery Update July 3 2013 & Pirate Goals (Goals Are Expired)

    Pirate Goals

    TIPS for "Ahoy Matey" Step:
    Quote Originally Posted by nomabar View Post
    Any wallpaper will do :-)
    Quote Originally Posted by igames4me View Post
    Don't request wood planks to fill 20 requests ... You will need 8 more requests later of another item to unlock oven
    Next Steps:
    Quote Originally Posted by rosewaterlily View Post
    Got all my wood planks, thanks to my awesome neighbors. Counter was unlocked. Next is:
    Pirates Paradise:
    -Serve any 2 dishes
    -Buy 16 ocean floor tiles

    All Hands on Deck:
    -Have 1 Pirate ship bow
    -Have 1 Pirate ship stern
    -Buy 2 ship wall dividers

    Unfortunately I'm cooking day long recipes that won't be finished until tomorrow so no more updates from me.
    *note: will have to wait to complete other goals before you can unlock the items for "All Hands on Deck" goal

    Quote Originally Posted by sapphirecross View Post
    Pirates Paradise unlocks the pirate ship bow which costs 20,000 coins

    Next step is Avast, Ye!
    Serve any 3 dishes
    Have 4 treasure counters - it counts the one from goal reward, so need 3 more
    Cost 8,000 coins each

    Rewards 2700 coins, 75xp - doesn't say if it unlocks stern
    Quote Originally Posted by sapphirecross View Post
    Avast, Ye! didn't unlock stern, but 2 new goals:

    Arrrgh You Ready?
    Have 2 pirate ovens - locked by goal
    Buy 2 parrots - 10,000 coins each
    Rewards 3160 coins, 90xp

    Pieces of Eight
    Ask neighbors for 8 pieces of eight
    Rewards 2870 coins, 80xp
    Quote Originally Posted by aileeniweeni View Post
    After Pieces of Eight -->

    Sit Down, Savvy?
    -Have 6 Tortoise Shell Tables (locked by goal)
    -Have 6 Ship Barrel Chairs (3,500 coins)
    Rewards 2,910 coins, 80xp
    Quote Originally Posted by aileeniweeni View Post
    After Arrrrgh You Ready? --> unlocks tortoise shell table

    Simple, Yet Tasty
    -Prepare 15 Hard Tack (1 hr recipe)
    -Serve 15 Hard Tack
    Rewards 3,200 coins, 90xp

    Warm Your Belly
    -Prepare 20 Meat Pies (4 hr recipe)
    -Serve 20 Meat Pies
    Rewards 3,280 coins, 95xp
    Quote Originally Posted by aileeniweeni View Post
    Sweet Sailing
    -Prepare 30 Honey Cakes (10 hr recipe)
    -Serve 30 Honey Cakes
    Rewards 3,800 coins, 100xp
    -End of Goals-

    update items for July-3-2013:
    -tortoise shell table (locked by goal) -> 7,000 coins
    -ship barrel chair 3,500 coins
    -parrot 10,000 coins
    -pirate ship wall 1,000 coins
    -woodboard wallpaper 10,000 coins
    -ocean sky wallpaper 6,000 coins
    -ocean blue tile 4,000 coins
    -pirate oven (locked by goal) -> 13,000 coins (10 iron ingots, 4 springs, 8 screws, 1 spring handle)
    -treasure counter (locked by goal) -> 8,000 coins
    -pirate ship bow (locked by goal) -> 20,000 coins
    -pirate ship stern (locked by goal) -> 20,000 coins
    -treasure island (locked by goal) -> 38 gems (will receive one for free after completing "Sweet Sailing" goal)


    New Teaser
    Quote Originally Posted by ButterPanda View Post

    Keep your treasures front and center with the Sunken Treasure Counter in Bakery Story!

    Aaarrrgh!! Pirates have landed nearby and are coming to visit your Bakery! They?d love to see some pirate themed items in your store. The Tortoise Shell Table and Ship Barrel Chair are sure to be a winning combination in Bakery Story!
    Make sure to include these items as well:
    • Pirate Ship Wall
    • Pirate Oven
    • Sunken Treasure Counter
    • Pirate Ship Bow
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    The pirates have landed!

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    Yay, another counter with the SIDES decorated, where the food DOESN'T sit and cover it up! Awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherryberry9 View Post
    The pirates have landed!
    I was thinking the same too...! I liking this one.

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    Eh, not my cup of tea All the more to those who are excited ♡

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    I hope this is pirate themed. Im tired of all the pink cutesy stuff.

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    I would love a Mermaid or maybe some nice seashell tables and chairs!!

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    I'm in LOOOOVE!!! I can FINALLY update my bakery! I haven't updated since December when they released the LTOs.

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    I like it. I feel like a pirate theme would be new and exciting. I also love the side decorations to the counter. Hopefully the items aren't too expensive, fingers crossed.

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    uh oh, the pirates from Farm Story have invaded Bakery!! Look out maties!

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