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Thread: Seabreeze Dragon-REMOVED

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    Seabreeze Dragon-REMOVED

    Please I need help in breeding the sea breeze dragon....???!!!!

    Edit (KP)
    Quote Originally Posted by sehana View Post
    Seabreeze Timer: --Sehana May 16, 2013
    Removal: Monday May 20, 2013, 10 am

    9 Hours


    Quote Originally Posted by krissy5000 View Post
    If you have a Night dragon, try that with Air. I got two Seabreezes trying for Bat.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lolas_Kryptonite View Post
    I got one with firestorm and island.
    another with storm and mist.

    Quote Originally Posted by cast1532 View Post
    I got this dragon yesterday without even wanting to breed it. I used Atlantis Dragon and Eagle Dragon.
    Quote Originally Posted by tr8on View Post
    I got mine from Wizard and Fairy also.
    Quote Originally Posted by suriasen View Post
    got mine from griffin mismoth
    Quote Originally Posted by epipy View Post
    I used charm and clown and got my sea breeze. I just tried this first time and got it. All other combos didn't work.
    Good luck
    Quote Originally Posted by AkumaNeko View Post
    Got mine with

    10 athletic 10 parakeet
    4 mist 4 air (twice)
    6 water 6 mist
    4 magic 4 mist

    Good luck!
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    Try Epic Air With Level 7 Mist Got It On First Try

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    My wife and I literally both got seabreezes inside of about half an hour of each other. It was uncanny.

    As with all of my other recommendations, I just go for the pures (unless trying for a diamond). That means, water on the left, and air on the right. I don't think the order in which you have them really matters, but for what it's worth, that's the order we both had them.

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    I got seabreeze with genie and atlantis

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonStars2 View Post
    I got seabreeze with genie and atlantis
    - sorry, it does strange things for me

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    I got my Seabreeze on my fourth try when I was going for a mindvolt I used a level 7 air and a level 4 water

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    I gave this up after 30 Mist & 2 Mindvolt. I tried just about every Air/Water combo there is more than once might have to give Genie/Atlantis a go. My new nemesis is Mistmoth if anyone has any ideas...

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    Level 7 air + level 7 mist. Got a sea breeze after about 4 mists.

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    Follow the exact recipe,got in one try with Epic Wind and Water.

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    Yay a Seabreeze

    2nd try with Island and Firestorm

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