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Thread: Farm Story - ' still playing' survey.

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    I play everyday on my android phone, I wish they would get new items

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    I realize that this forum is old/outdated, but I can't find anything current on Farm Story, and I have left messages etc and want to know why there have not been any updates to Farm in over 6 months.. There are so many of us that still to this day Play Farm Story and love playing it. Please give us enhancements and more reasons to keep playing, other than our great friends and neighbors that we have met over the years

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    Yep still playing Farm Story and have some wonderful neighbours that I would hate to lose if it was taken away. Get a bit frustrated when I see things on other peoples cars that I cannot get. Guess android will always be second best.

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    I play Farm Story everyday on Android tablet. It is a good game although no updates are given. I use the game to get a massage across to my neighbors and all ''get it '' :-) :-) :-) :-)

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    I'll just play until I've mastered everything but the gem crops (not paying for those), then I'm out. No updates, no incentive for me to stick with it past that.

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    Are we going to get anymore updates on farm

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    I finally get it down to "a science" & the threat of FS2 attacks?! I play everyday. I love decorating my farm w the little houses, and gnomes....and have nbrs who do the same! Change crops w seasons, etc. More updates would be great!!!

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    Weekly update

    Please make weekly update it is bored with same item
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    Team Lava Please hear us! I'm not asking for support, weekly updates, goals etc.... I totally understand that farm story is just a game of the past for you. However, there are still many many people such as me that play every day and love farm story. I just have one request. Could you please consider making all of the items available for us to purchase??? You know old goal items, boxes, limited time offers???? PLEASE!!!!! I have a ton of gems built up in farm story and would love to use them to purchase items from the past and items that I missed before I started playing farm story. It only makes sense that we could have all the items available to purchase since there are many of us who still play daily.

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    Even I still log in and out because I still like farm story as do many others. Please give us weekly updates and you'll get more players back. I understand though that it can be tough from a business point of view but please consider this because we're your customers.
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