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Thread: Trials & Tribute Goal- Part 2

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    Trials & Tribute Goal- Part 2

    Please see the previous thread on the Trials & Tribute Goal here.

    Castle Story: Trials and Tribute

    It's time to put your mettle to the test with a series of trials to complete in your kingdom. We've just introduced a new quest called Trials and Tribute. The trials are a series of tasks that even the mightiest of rulers cannot tackle in a day. Instead they stand as a distant goal, to be mastered little by little, day by day. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate ruler? Collect all 10 badges to prove your worth and brag about it to all your neighboring kingdoms!
    Find out what it takes to earn all of these badges after the jump!

    Adventurer's Badge - Do you have what it takes to be a true Adventurer? Head to your King?s Keep or Queen?s Court to find out!
    Brewer's Badge - Don?t get caught in a sticky situation. Become a master brewer by knowing your way around the Potion Shop!
    Chef's Badge - Your Knights will get hungry. Earn their loyalty by keeping them well fed!
    Artisan's Badge - True artisans can build great monuments out of anything. Prove yourself by crafting an assortment of materials!
    Farmer's Badge - Wheat and corn are the basic staples needed to keep any Kingdom alive. Become a real farmer and harvest all sorts of healthy crops!
    Nurturer's Badge - Sometimes a kingdom needs a gentle touch in order to thrive. Tend to your plants and animals and show others how nurturing you can be!
    Miner's Badge - Put on your hardhat and journey into the abyss. Head down to the mines and get a little dirty!
    Explorer's Badge - What lies beyond your kingdom limits? Become a true explorer and find out!
    Trader's Badge - There are some things that even the most thriving kingdoms cannot produce on their own. Head to your Royal Exchange and master the art of trading!
    Slayer's Badge - Fend off all the unwelcome beasts that stray into your kingdom. Establish yourself as a dominant force and become an ultimate slayer!

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    Have a Castle Story question? Check this thread to see if it's already been answered. For reference info check here and here. Info on goals is here.

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