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Thread: Thank You Maguar & FlyingMonkee

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    Thank You Maguar & FlyingMonkee

    Thanks for fixing Thurston for me.

    Wanted to post this as a reply to my prior message but it keeps telling me that I cannot post replies and I need to login despite the fact that I already am logged in. Also doesn't want to let me add a Profile Pic despite it being well within the size limits. Still a few bugs in the forum perhaps.

    Thanks anyway - Thurston is now looking all shiny.

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    Your welcome
    Have a Castle Story question? Check this thread to see if it's already been answered. For reference info check here and here. Info on goals is here.

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    No Worries, Thanks for letting us know . Keep the Kingdom Happy =)

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    Ok... Castle Story is the first game I've spent money on and really played nonstop, however, now that I'm level 28 I'm finding myself playing less and less. I believe this is due to the fact I've realized every game is the same meaning there's no customization where u can truly make your kingdom your own. In my opinion, the game would be more exciting if everthing wasn't so similar on every game such as different options on the colors and looks of every building among other things. Plus, I find there's not much excitement in what's to come bc when we visit our neighbors in higher levels, it leaves no mystery in what we'll be doing next our game.I just think if there was simply more customization in everything, it'd leave a lot more to the imagination making the game more interesting.I'm only giving my honest feedback here in hopes of bringing light to this matter. I want get excited about this game again bc it truly has great potential.

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