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Thread: What you wish you had known when you first started out playing....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gypsy_Cat View Post
    HOW RARE FREE GEMS ARE!!! I think I used all of my initial gems to finish recipes by accident only to kick myself later when I realized how valuable and rare free gems are.

    Also, to use all of my appliances to cook the same recipe at a time. By 'power cooking' like that, your stock stays pretty full.
    I also used to finish my recipes with gems, that is until I ran out and figured ems were more valuable than I figured.

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    Just thought of another one; I would have bought & assembled the easy appliances a loooong time ago. It's amazing how much time they save you from eliminating some of the clicks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gypsy_Cat View Post
    I also wish that I had bought more of the holiday appliances when the first came out. TL ended up taking them away and it took forever to master the recipes on some of them because I only had one or two.
    Me too! Worse, I didn't get any.

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    These are the things I wish I had known at the begining. I now take every part I am sent, eliminate neighbors who do not play llike I do, and have figured out OUT TO PLAY THE GAME!

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    How do I delete inactive players?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mauidream54 View Post
    How do I delete inactive players?
    Go to menu- social-neighbors-Hit the small green edit button under your storm ID name, then you can go down and remove neighbors.
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    I got a new phone and decided to start over. I still play my level 90 on my tablet though.

    Things I've done different this time:

    -Only accept part neighbors
    -Got Easy appliances as soon as I could.
    -Have not spent any gems on cooking food faster or prize boxes or saving food.
    -Haven't wasted money expanding. I'm still at my original size and have over $300k on level 23 and have 20 tables max for seating.

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    Also, I have 20 neighbors. That's it. Before I had over 150. Why? You can only accept 20 gifts a day. It became a chore to gift. I like my small circle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeybrian View Post
    • The highest exp/min food is French Toast (6exp/min) and you can do the waltz to get up to 8exp/min.
    • You need to type in STORM IDs to invite new neighbors. Pick a name people can easily enter. Ideally, your restaurant name should match your STORM ID. Otherwise you will need to paste things like username on walls to get invites.
    • Set up keyboard macros to send messages when you tip, gift or thank players. Your fingers will thank you For iOS users, this means going to Settings->General->Keyboard and setting up shortcuts.
    • Get neighbors around your level. Then it is more likely that they will gift you things you need, amd you will know what kinds of parts or food gifts they prefer.
    • Don't stress about tipping/gifting daily. This isn't a second job! Figure out your playstyle and find neighbors who are ok with that. Similarly, don't expect everyone to be as frequent a player as you are! if you're not cool with a 'lazy' neighbor, just remove them. Simple.

    What other advice do you have for your fellow players?
    I thought the highest income/cooking time ratio was bacon and eggs at 6xp/3 min... Otherwise I agreee to most of your advice.

    I also started a second account a while back, and I noticed I'm levelling up much faster than the first time.

    My list of things to do for startups would be like this: (sorry if I'm repeating things already mentioned in the thread)

    1. Buy oven slots for gems as long as you see fit. They help you level up fast and also keep you stocked up on counters. It also makes mastering recipies for gems faster and easier I also restrict my shopping hormones concerning decor, until I feel I can afford stuff.

    2. Buy and build easy appliances asap. I can't tell how much gems I lost due to misclicks. Easy appliances = less tapping.

    3. Yea, get and keep only the nrbs suited to YOUR playing style. If you like foodgifts, keep the foodies etc. No time to keep going back to the same nbr several times a day. Look at the walls around. Look for posts that indicates that they play similar to you

    4. Keep an eye on the nbrs who are responsive to your needs. If you have bad nbrs who don't tip back or gift back what you asked for etc, why keep them? I don't keep nbrs who keep doing the ego thing. It's supposed to be a hobby, a fun thing for pleasure

    5. Depending on how you want to play the game. If you want to do the goals, you need good nrbs. Cause most of the goals involve some asking for stuff that isn't in the giftlist. Ofc you can just keep cooking your stuff, without help from anyone. But it also involves a very slow advance. For example some of the ovens require 40 parts per oven! ..You can request every part from stormie, but it will take you over 40 days to complete the oven...

    6. Plan ahead for parts! It helps a lot for the flow of right parts, to know what you gonna need in advance. Read in forum about what parts needed for which oven. There was a link here, but I can't find it now. But you can go here too:

    7. Stock up on "basic" parts, whenever you can. Being able to speedbuild all the ovens needed for the goals makes everything so much easier

    8. Post on nbrs' walls if you want to be tipped back. Have understanding that many pple don't have time to check the news list every 2 hours.

    9. Understand the Teamlava gifting and requesting rules.
    a) Gifting is FREE. You can gift ALL nbrs once per day. Gift the most valuable gift French toast is delete for me.
    b) You can receive 20 gift/day. If you reject a gift, that nbr can't send another same day. But you can receive another (more desirable gift to you) from someone else.
    c) You can only receive 20 requests per day, but you can send unlimited. So if you send out too many, they will be pushed to the next day. Then you loose count of how many requests you got left that day. So keep count on how many requests you send each day. Often I respond to nbrs request and it says 2 or even 3 days old. It means they sent out too many. I only send request to nbrs who I know will respond, or it's wasted. If you request someone you know is a more casual player, it may take days before that person responds or rejects. Effectively jamming your request queue. If it's urgent I only send to pple who I know will reply very fast. You can also request STORMIE !!!...but he will never gift back.

    10. Be nice Karma's a *****. You receive what you give. It's very simple.

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    extra slot for 49g never pays for itself. probably it did back then when it was 24g..

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