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Thread: Tap ranch vs Farm story,, no contest!!!!!!

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    Tap ranch vs Farm story,, no contest!!!!!!

    I have been playing FS for a while now,, have also found another game similiar,, Tap Ranch,, and GUESS WHAT!? fairly regular updates special holiday items that can be bought with ranch bucks,,,they have even given away gifts,, waiting for another 2 days for my second gift,,,animated animals,, cars, animated elves etc,, overall quite a good game,, only reason that I am not yet deleting FS is that my daughter also plays it,,,,
    come on TL, how about "keeping up with the Jones",,,

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    The graphics suck. All the taps graphics suck
    So does ngmocos. Just saying, the jones just don't have the graphics ability. I'm visually impaired so better graphics means I can play without suffering headaches. To me that far out weighs any weekly update. I'm content with occasional as at least I can play. I tried some in tap series and we series but had to delete because they cause headaches that's how poor their graphics are.

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