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Thread: Trials and Tribute- Update 5-23-13

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    Trials and Tribute- Update 5-23-13

    Castle Story: Trials and Tribute

    It?s time to put your mettle to the test with a series of trials to complete in your kingdom. We?ve just introduced a new quest called Trials and Tribute. The trials are a series of tasks that even the mightiest of rulers cannot tackle in a day. Instead they stand as a distant goal, to be mastered little by little, day by day. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate ruler? Collect all 10 badges to prove your worth and brag about it to all your neighboring kingdoms!
    Find out what it takes to earn all of these badges after the jump!

    Adventurer?s Badge - Do you have what it takes to be a true Adventurer? Head to your King?s Keep or Queen?s Court to find out!
    Brewer?s Badge - Don?t get caught in a sticky situation. Become a master brewer by knowing your way around the Potion Shop!
    Chef?s Badge - Your Knights will get hungry. Earn their loyalty by keeping them well fed!
    Artisan?s Badge - True artisans can build great monuments out of anything. Prove yourself by crafting an assortment of materials!
    Farmer?s Badge - Wheat and corn are the basic staples needed to keep any Kingdom alive. Become a real farmer and harvest all sorts of healthy crops!
    Nurturer?s Badge - Sometimes a kingdom needs a gentle touch in order to thrive. Tend to your plants and animals and show others how nurturing you can be!
    Miner?s Badge - Put on your hardhat and journey into the abyss. Head down to the mines and get a little dirty!
    Explorer?s Badge - What lies beyond your kingdom limits? Become a true explorer and find out!
    Trader?s Badge - There are some things that even the most thriving kingdoms cannot produce on their own. Head to your Royal Exchange and master the art of trading!
    Slayer?s Badge - Fend off all the unwelcome beasts that stray into your kingdom. Establish yourself as a dominant force and become an ultimate slayer!

    Just received new goal from Thurston, Trials and Tribute but unable to figure out how to accomplish it. Any ideas or suggestions?

    Updated descriptions in red

    Trial of The Adventurer

    Trial of The Brewer

    Trial of The Chef
    Someone has reported getting it from making hearty feasts. I would think other feasts could work.

    Trial of The Artisan Have you mastered the art of wood and stone?

    Trial of The Farmer
    Someone has reported this from farming strawberries. I would think that other plants would work

    Trial of The Nurturer
    Someone has reported this from watering mushrooms. I would think that other plants would count. Other players have confirmed watering and chopping trees work.

    Trial of The Miner

    Trial of The Explorer- Complete an expansion
    Expand to the new expansion (see screenshot below) and have enough of the other expansions)

    Trial of Trader Have you learned the art of exchange?

    Trial of The Slayer

    Also an locked item:

    New expansion

    Quote Originally Posted by jumperjing3 View Post

    It's where the large rock formation is sitting. No permits needed, just 11 lanterns, royal points and coins.

    Knights Hall

    Quote Originally Posted by catcrack View Post
    Knight's Hall:drops amour & swords, Level 5 is max-(data from neighbor)

    1st level: 240RP, 420 coins, 3 hours

    2nd level: 252RP, 460 coins, 3 hours
    2 hearty feast, 2 builder's paste, 3 royal block, 3 royal beam

    3rd level: 264RP, 500 coins, 3 hours
    1 spicy feast, 2 architect paste, 3 enchanted block, 3 enchanted beam

    4th level: 276RP, 540 coins, 3 hours
    2 spicy feast, 2 architect paste, 2 ornate block, 2 ornate beam

    5th level: 290RP, 580 coins, 3 hours
    2 sweet feast, 2 magic cement, 4 ornate block, 4 ornate beam
    Quote Originally Posted by catcrack View Post

    How do we do them - We don't really no. TL is letting us work it out

    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenTurtle View Post
    Hey everyone! Our creative Castle Story team crafted this set of trials for you all to figure out. It's meant to provide you with a long-term and challenging experience. We'll leave the popcorn for later, but we're definitely very interested in your feedback!
    Quote Originally Posted by maguar View Post
    Ok I've asked whether or not the badges were random. They're not. There are specific tasks that need to be done, the tasks are the same but may be done in different ways (of a similar nature).
    Quote Originally Posted by kittensabc View Post
    Time to clear this up before anyone gets confused:

    Nurturer: Mushrooms, Fruit trees, Chopping trees, Flowers
    Explorer: Randomly designated 'chunk', for old players the only choice is the new area
    Artisan: High level workshop beams/blocks
    Chef: High level kitchen feasts
    Slayer: Any monster
    Brewer: High level potions/glues
    Trader: Not enough info, perhaps any trade
    Adventurer: Not enough info, perhaps any adventure
    Miner: Sparkling mines/Deep mines
    Farmer: Not enough info, perhaps any crop
    Quote Originally Posted by Bexx85 View Post
    I just got my Artisan's Badge from collecting plain and simple Wooden Beams for making "a LOT of building materials".
    So I think that you don't have to craft high level stuff. I think you need to craft/collect a certain number of things to get a badge. Although it is possible that high level stuff counts more.
    Quote Originally Posted by vchanhs View Post
    After getting 7 badges, I think T and T is actually not random. There is a certain number you must hit for each badge. Those that get the badges initially most likely got it as the update is new and there are bugs which get iron out soon, thus explaining why after the first few days, no one get any badges until a few weeks later.

    This is what I gather so far.

    Explorer - need to have a certain number of expansion. Those that got it by expanding to the new expansion is because they have already hit the required number

    Miner - Only sparkling mine and deep mine are counted

    Slayer - All 3 types of monsters are counted

    Chef - Only feast are counted (simple feast, hearty feast, spicy feast, sweet feasf and valentine feast)

    Farmer - All crops are counted

    Artisan - All beams and blocks are counted

    Nurturer - Fruit trees, all plants, all choppings of trees and logs, all watering are counted

    Brewer - Only adhesive are counted (simple glue, super glue, builder paste, architect paste, magic cement)

    Trader - All trades are counted

    Adventure - All adventures are counted

    To be change when new information come in.

    Why are there different skip cost - TL trials different amounts with different group

    Skip cost seem to have been standardised
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    This just popped up for me to, and I have the same question!

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    Same here. Almost immediately after receiving the trials challenge I beat off a glimmer troll but nothing registered under the 'vanquish a foe' trial. Also had no result from tending the cattle and hens. Very puzzled!

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    Same here. Hopefully we'll get a little more direction.

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    This is why I came on also! Lol

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    I've harvested and replanted 20 crops...still doesn't register. Hmmmm.

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    I got that too - a whole list of new trials. I think they will be Adventures for the Knights but I can't check because my Knights are currently off exploring dark caves.

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    Same here,there is a new building also..

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    Same for me, I just harvested and replanted and nothing showed up under the 'tend your land' part of the goal. Maybe they just haven't kicked in yet.

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    Don't know how to post screen shot but here are the goals within this goal:

    Trial of The Adventurer
    Trial of The Brewer
    Trial of The Chef
    Trial of The Artisan
    Trial of The Farmer
    Trial of The Nurturer
    Trial of The Miner
    Trial of The Explorer
    Trial of Trader
    Trial of The Slayer

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