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Thread: Storm8 on Facebook!

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    Storm8 on Facebook!

    By popular demand and with great pleasure, I'm happy to announce that:
    Storm8 games are now available for Facebook!

    Beginning today, iMobster, World War, and Vampires Live are now fully adapted and ready to play on your favorite social media website and on your very own personal computers!

    You can find the links here: iMobster, World War, Vampires Live

    Fully integrated with the pre-existing player-base, new Facebook players will be able to join in on an already massive mobile community and get into the action right away.
    In addition, Facebook players can add friends directly from their Facebook accounts, no codes required!

    While we highly encourage everyone to try out the Facebook version, please note that this is a new adaptation, we are still working out the bugs and kinks. Due to such, we currently do not support the feature to transfer accounts from mobile device accounts, or the ability to purchase points. However, we are doing out best to bring these features up to date as soon as possible.

    Once again, we're very excited to bring our games to new users, and make our games accessible to all. So give it a shot, and kick some butt!

    Also, you can show your support for Storm8 by signing up to our official fan pages on Facebook!
    Through these pages you can follow Storm8's news of existing and upcoming titles, updates, photos and videos.

    World War (
    iMobsters (
    Racing Live (
    Vampires Live (
    Pets Live (
    Kingdoms Live (
    Ninjas Live (
    Zombies Live (
    Rock Battle Live (

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    I would like to see the Story Series Available on facebook at some point. It would make connecting and finding neighbours much easier for those who don't go on the forums.
    Add me!:

    I accept all requests and gift daily, but only tip on weekends/ when I have enough free time. (First time mommy of a newborn baby girl)

    My two main games are Bakery Story and Restaurant Story.

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