Storm8 games are tied to specific phones and devices, which means that when you get a new phone, you'll need to transfer your old game over. Transferring your character will cause your current device to lose access to characters across all Storm8 games; they will instead be available on the new device.

If you have created a Storm8 ID on your new device, it will remain associated with your new (unwanted) characters, and you will have to create a separate one for your original characters.

If you have your old device OR know your old account's Storm8 ID information:
  • Open any Storm8 game (World War, iMobsters, Racing Live, Vampires Live, Kingdoms Live, Pets Live, Ninjas Live, Zombies Live, or Rock Battle Live).
  • Create a Storm8 ID and password for your original character on your OLD device, if you haven't already. (On the old device, visit HOME (available level 2) -> SETTINGS (tiny cog icon) -> STORM8 tab.)

  • On your new device log into your previously-created Storm8 ID. To do this, visit HOME (available level 2) -> SETTINGS (tiny cog icon) -> STORM8 tab -> Begin Resume/Transfer button -> New, and from here you can enter your Storm8 ID and password and your characters will have moved to the new device.

If you do not have your old device or your Storm8 ID information:
Storm8 Support can assist you with the transfer manually. Please fill out as much of the following information as possible and email it to

Name of game:
NEW character Code on your new device (Please reach level 6 and provide us with this CRUCIAL information):
Original character Code:
Original character's name:
Original character's level:
Approximate date you created your original character:
Approximate date you last logged in with your original character:

Note: If you are not able to provide all of the above information, we may not be able to recover your old character.

Please let us know if you run into any trouble with the process; we're happy to help!