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Thread: Mystic map instead of lotus blossom?

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    Question Mystic map instead of lotus blossom?

    I'm thoroughly enjoying not needing mystic maps at present. However, I do need lotus blossoms and it's a slow process despite numerous neighbours. For some reason it says "a friend responded to your request for a mystic map" under my news. it a text glitch or and I AM getting my lotus blossoms or am I getting a lot of useless (at present) mystic maps? Anyone else with this problem?

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    Try keeping a note of your number of lotus flowers. Check them after you've received a few more responses to requests.

    Any chance when you last sent out requests for maps that you sent them out to hundreds of people? If so they could still be working their way throught the system.
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    I'm still needing maps so I have to alternate asking.

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    I'm having this same problem. I've been asking for lotus blossoms every day for about a week and half, and haven't asked for maps since this special started over two weeks ago, but every day I get several responses telling me that I've received mystic maps. I don't think it's possible that I still have outstanding map requests. I seem to be acquiring very few lotus blossoms each day (less than 10), so my hope is that when this special ends I'm going to have lots of maps.

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    androids dont get your lotus blossom requests. i have over two hundred nbs and most are ios and i have not recd and requests for blossoms. that could also be why it is slow for ya

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    My problem is slightly different. I have been getting posts saying neighbors have responded to my request for a dragon egg. I know I have only been requesting mystic maps. I don't even know what a dragon egg is used for so I know I didn't request any.

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