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Thread: Upcoming Changes - Please leave feedback!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbux3 View Post
    Let me understand clearly, that means that all of the content locked at a high level after the update will then be available ranging from levels 1-55. For example, the American Diner at level 85, will then be unlocked at level 55, and the other content locked at high levels such as the Parkview Hotel at 66 will be unlocked somewhere like level 40?
    That's the plan. I know this will probably upset some high level players, but the bulk of the players are level 1-45, and we need to get people past that.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbux3 View Post
    And I'm at level 53, going on 54 in about 5 days (tops). That means that with all the extra energy set at 100%, anything lower would not get me at level 54 in about 5 tops, correct?
    Sorry if I'm confusing you!
    You always get 1xp per energy spent, so nothing will likely change with regards to how fast you level. What will change is your income per day, which will flatten after the highest levels, since you won't really be earning more per day than a level 55 player.

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    I hope you can clarify a few things for me. You're adding wide screen support for iPhones. Are you going to configure game so I can see my whole city on my iPad instead of just separate sections? In the original City Story game we can view everything.

    I love Mystery Boxes. I hope your prices will be reasonable like in City Story. Some of the gem prices in this game are pretty high for small buildings.

    I'm not sure what you mean about some of the industry changes. You said over level 50 has to wait for others to catch up. Does this mean we don't get increases in goods or factories until lower levels catch up?

    Parts requirements are going to increase for higher level buildings due to expectation we will have more neighbors to fill requests. This doesn't sound good to me. I don't need more neighbors unless we have unlimited gifting. Is the limit of daily gifts we receive from neighbors going to change or stay the same?

    A few cities have completed all expansions and a lot of cities will be done this summer. Are there any plans to make more expansions available?

    A few of my neighbors are almost level 100. Is there a top level cap, or is it unlimited in this game?

    I would like to thank you for taking time to help players. We all appreciate your effort to improve the game.

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    This sounds great. As a new player I am enjoying the game and was wondering about gifting options for neighbors. I am very psyched about not needing storm8 ID's to add neighbors as this will provide for easier and quicker play.

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    I can't believe I forgot this MHz_, what about goods?

    Will the capacity of goods be increased? Will the goods requirements for businesses be lowered? Or will the amount of goods be increased in each industry?

    Also, Charsville makes some good points. Will there be more expansions? And will there be a functional zoom so we can view our entire city? However, this could be hard because if you're fully expanded and zoomed out the entire way, you might miss the 1x1 items...

    And can you speculate an exact date this update will be released?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MHz_ View Post
    Why don't you like them? We're just allowing you a chance to get old stuff that's not available anymore. It's likely that we'll put items from upcoming content releases in a mystery box as well, so that players who like to gamble can get them early. We're also adding in some fun boxes that will cost coins and give you a chance to gamble for a chance at a Gem item or a wonder. The goal of these will be to sink up excess coins player's don't have anything to spend on
    Oh, this sounds awsome!

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    Hey MHz_ thank's for the update, looks like you & the team have been hard at work!

    I just wanted to know if there would be any type of reward for long term players who have expanded their entire cities and spent a lot of hard earned cash on gems? - I understand these updates are to entice new players to stick around for longer, but thought I would ask anyway.

    Also any further word on a hot list development, would make it easier when visiting/gifting neighbours?

    Thanks again :-)

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    MHz could you let us know the adjustment to the cost of expansion and time taken to expand? I hope it is a reduction of at least 50% time

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    MHz, thanks for all the work that has been put into updates, and also for taking the time to get feedback from players.

    I am on level 59, and all the content that is currently locked at high levels has been a huge motivation in playing the game, as it gives me something to work towards and a reason to want to play regularly.
    If you unlock all of this content, what will players above level 55 have to do besides expanding and buying wonders?

    I completely understand the need to keep new players and how the changes will help, but I think that one of the main reason that high level players keep playing is because there are still goals to achieve that these high levels.

    Apart from that aspect of the update, I think the rest sounds really good, especially mystery boxes!

    Thanks again for all the work you and your team put in!

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    The mystery box idea is a cool idea. But I would prefer to be able to access and purchase ALL content. Gaining something I already have or don't actually want by chance isn't very appealing. I want to be able to pick & purchase content of my choice!

    The rest sounds like what I expected. I just hope the Goods requirements drops significantly (50 - 70%) for those high end businesses. I would have lots more Office buildings in my city if the Goods required to replenish wasn't so ridiculous!

    City planner & jewellery store = awesome. And don't forget to find ways to rewards us long term players! We deserve to be retained just as much as the newer players, so it would be nice to receive some benefits that give that recognition.

    Bonuses for expanding every square or reaching high levels should be considered to keep our motivation levels up & give newer players something long term to strive towards

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    What about a special one off peice that can't be bought, only earned by fully expanding your city?

    It would be the centre point of my city that's for sure!

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