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Thread: Need an answer from TL...boosted breed and diamond temple

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    Need an answer from TL...boosted breed and diamond temple

    Can someone from TL answer this question.

    If you have the diamond temple active does using boosted breed increase or decrease your chances of getting a diamond? It's simple math that someone should be able to answer however you need to understand how the diamond temple and boosted breed were implemented in code.

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    I once asked about the percentage increase of getting a super-rare (and up) when using Boosted Breed. Didn't receive an answer. Not sure how much we're supposed to know.
    But, haven't bothered with Boosted Breed since! haha

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    Thanks Ace. I can say that boosted breed definitely helps on the rares, but I don't know about others. It may actually make it harder to get the super/ultra rares depending on how they coded it, especially when you add the diamond temple on top of it. I just know that I spent 300 gold for a temple and used boosted breed the entire week and didn't get a diamond.

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