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Thread: Dragons in the Cookie Jar!

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    Dragons in the Cookie Jar!

    Mother Dragon stepped out for an errand and returned to find some baby Dragons had broken into the cookie jar and gobbled up all of the cookies! This isn't good for growing baby Dragons, who need lots of Firapples to grow up strong.

    The eyewitnesses, also being baby Dragons, weren't able to name the Dragons. They were only able to describe them. Solve each of the witness' clues to help Mother Dragon find out which baby Dragons ate the cookies so she can make sure they get the proper nutrition!

    • PM your answers to TLContests. Entries that are not submitted to TLContests will not qualify.
    • Winners: the first person who guesses correctly, plus an additional 3 randomly selected players who submitted correct guesses.
    • ALL entries must be submitted by May 23rd, 12pm PDT to qualify.

    • The 1st player to PM TLcontests the correct names of all the Dragons will win 40 gems to the game of their choice. (200 Gold for Bubble Mania, Castle Story, Jewel Mania, Dragon Story, Monster Story)
    • Three additional winners will be picked at Random from all correct PM's and will win 30 Gems to the game of their choice. (150 Gems/Gold for Bubble Mania, Castle Story, Jewel Mania, Dragon Story, Monster Story)

    1. This baby Dragon's carefully coifed hair and heart shaped tummy might look innocent, but this Dragon was seen eating cookies!

    2. This tiny Dragon fell asleep in its habitat, belly up and snoring with cookie crumbles scattered on the ground. Witnesses said this blue Dragon floats on clouds!

    3. At first, they thought two Dragons were fighting over a single cookie, but witnesses soon realized this ultra rare Dragon has two yellow heads.

    4. This little Dragon had a tummy ache. Witnesses say the Dragon left a trail of floating bubbles behind.

    5. This treasure guarding Dragon could sniff out treasure a mile away -- or in this case, cookies! This black Dragon has a guilty look on its face.

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