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Thread: HELP - BIG DIFFERENCES between Android & Ipod-Iphone

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    Angry HELP - BIG DIFFERENCES between Android & Ipod-Iphone

    Hi Guys,

    I play Dragon story on my android and my friend plays on Iphone. We've realisted that there are many differences between the 2 of us. Everything is alot cheaper on Iphone. Feeding dragons, habitats....
    Here are some example of differences for the habitats. Can this be fixed?
    Anroid: Ipod:
    Big Green Grove 27,000 coins Big Green Grove 15,000 coins
    Big Yellow Plateau 81,000 coins Big Yellow Plateau 45,000 coins
    Blue Lagoon 18,000 coins Blue Lagoon 10,000 coins
    Big Blue Lagoon 108,000 coins Big Blue Lagoon 60,000 coins
    Purple Gardens 43,000 coins Purple Gardens 24,000 coins
    Big Purple Gardens 320,000 coins Big Purple Gardens 180,000 coins
    Diamond Fields 180,000 coins Diamond Fields 100,00 coins
    Passion Pit 90,000 coins Passion Pit 50,000 coins
    White Meadow 220,000 coins White Meadow 120,000 coins
    Big White Meadow 650,000 coins Big White Meadow 360,000 coins
    Pink Prairie 220,000 coins Pink Prairie 120,000 coins
    Big Pink Prairie 650,000 coins Big Pink Prairie 360,000 coins
    Black Sands 900,000 coins Black Sands 500,000 coins
    Big Black Sands 3,600,000 coins Big Black Sands 2,000,000 coins

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    Some people's habitats prices increased on android and iOS, but iOS are years ahead of android with trading/crafting, album and much more... The habitat price increase is nothing really compared to what I just mentioned.

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