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Thread: Mother's Day Poetry Contest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steroli View Post
    S?lo una madre puede darle el mayor regalo a un hijo: LA VIDA
    Un hijo s?lo puede agradecerlo y recompensarlo con una cosa: AMOR.

    Felicidades a todas las madres.

    Only a mother can give the greatest gift a child: LIFE
    A child can only thank and reward you with one thing: LOVE.

    Congratulations to all mothers.

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    Dragons' Ode to Mother's Day

    Magic the only explanation
    Origami how you fold for us
    Titan to the world
    Honeybee to little ones
    Eagle so protective
    Rose so ever ravishing
    Sunrise there day after day

    Deep your love will always be
    Air to our expanding lungs

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    A mother's love,
    Is unlike any other.
    It's limitless,
    & unconditional.
    Time & distance are not a factor.
    She is a shoulder to cry on,
    & a role model to rely on.
    Near or far,
    She will always be in your heart.

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    (This is not an entry, I just had to make a poem for my mom, too)

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    you put up with me...watched me grow,
    helped mold me to who I am.
    You were always here when I needed it,
    always there to understand.
    Never harsh, always loving and caring...
    keeping our family together and true.
    I'll love you forever,
    you're a part of me as I am part of you.

    (For Dragon Story)

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    "You make me laugh,
    You make me cry,
    You gave me life,
    You gave me love,
    I love you and will never forget you."

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    Is it possible for my to rewrite my poem? If not, then I'll use first entry.

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    Here's my poem... Don't worry, the opinions in this poem are not my own. I am also not a dad. No offence to mothers out there. Figured I'd put out some comedy...


    Well... it's mother's day.
    But MY day is still a long way away.
    I go out and I work all day long
    But you just sit there and yawn.

    Being like me isn't easy
    It's much harder than being a mom.
    This day is so cheesy
    For all you do is yawn.

    Flowers make me sneeze
    But I can get rocks with ease.
    Making breakfast is a pain,
    I'd rather watch the highlights from last night's game!

    I know, I know.
    You do more than I think,
    But why celebrate a day that uses up ink?
    Maybe, just maybe, you will realize...

    Dads deserve recognition,
    For they do so muh more
    Than sit in a chair
    And yawn... for ever more.
    If you need anything, send me a PM. I'll be glad to help.

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    "And here I am, awake just for you, Mom.

    Strawberries are red,
    grapes are purple,
    I like both, you know,
    but, you are my favourite.

    You were who saw me grow,
    who endured my mischiefs.

    Let's be honest now,
    I never tell you beautiful things,
    but, being this day
    and, being who you are,
    I confess that... I need you, Mom.

    Thanks for everything that you and I know."

    Hahahha apart from this, she knows I love her.

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    I'm from Fashion Story hahaha, I forget it.

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