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Thread: Fan Spotlight! Would you like to be featured on our website? Win Gems or Gold!

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    Apr 2015
    Name: Bakerling
    Fan Since: June 2012
    Favourite Game(S):Bakery Story & Bingo
    Story about ME: hi Everyone, Nice to know all of you. I started this game on mid June 2012 when one of my family member passed on. I tried not to be too upset and keep thinking of her so I went to AppStore to download Bakery Story to play. At first, I thought this game was just like other games so boring. So I play only a few hours at the beginning. Later, I started to love this game very much when goals came into the game. Today, I have many NEIGBHOURS and Loyal friends in Bakery Story. I started to play 18 hours on this game. What I like about this game is I can find good neighbours to talk to. Through talking and sharing info on this game, I have many true loyal friends who are willing to help me when goal arrived. Right now, I am addicted to this game so much that I play more than 18 hours daily. Well, I have mastered all the recipes in all the machines. Without all my neighbours' support, I will not be able to go this far. I have overcome those upset days and now I have plenty of enjoyable time with my neighbours. I treasure this precious moment with my neighbours and friends with no regrets. Thank you Storm8 for all your efforts put into these games that we enjoy playing now. Hope we will have more new games coming up for us.

    My Bakery

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    Enjoy. Happy Baking.

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    Name: LunaLilyTown
    Fan since: March 2015
    Favorite game: pet shop story
    Story about myself:
    In May I got two fluffball guinea pigs by the name of Lily and Luna. I love them to pieces. But just loving them wasn't enough for me. Soon after I got them I installed my first ever Storm8 game, Pet Shop Story. I made neighbors who are really good friends to me, and also bred animals and decorated. I soon got addicted to Storm8 games. A few of my favourites are bakery story and home design story. But my favorite will always be Pet Shop Story( although I haven't bred a guinea pig yet!)

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    That place where the unicorns are
    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post

    Would you like to be featured on our community page like Bean Dog? We will select one lucky fan to be our Spotlight Fan, so here's your chance to win a $100 package of Gems, Gold, or Coins in the game of your choice.

    Earn some serious bragging rights and make your neighbors jealous. Respond to this thread with the following information and the Community Managers will pick our favorite fan to spotlight!

    • Your name (as you'd like it to appear on our website).
    • Fan since (month/year).
    • Favorite game(s).
    • Story about yourself.
    • An image of yourself which you are comfortable sharing with the rest of the community.

    • Your Forum and Game account must be in good-standing.
    • All entries must abide the Terms of Service.
    • All entries must be your own.

    Just wondering, when does this competition close? And when will the winner be announced?
    ID: elspelsie
    Level 49 in Dragon Story
    Level 19 in Fashion Story
    Add me if you want, might send stuff

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    My name: Randi
    Fan since: 3/2016
    Favorite game(s): Bingo, Monopoly Bingo, Farm Story 2, Restaurant Story Hot Rod Cafe
    Story about me: I have been riding horses since I was 6 years old, so for 27 years now. Horses have been a huge part of my life and a huge help to me. Not only did they help me stay out of trouble, keep my nose in the books, grades up, etc, unlike my peers, but they also helped me prevent living the rest of my life in a wheelchair. I have a very rare disease called Ehlers Danlos Type 3 Plus. It is a genetic tissue disease that basically causes all of my soft and connective tissues to be very thin, easy to tear, and eats all those tissues away. It doesn't just attack my joints either, even though that has been the majority of what has been attacked. It also attacks my brain, spine and all organs. My original life dream was to be a disability lawyer, fighting for disability rights and for people with disabilities that had been treated wrong by a place of employment or business. However, due to the damage the Ehlers Danlos did to my brain, I had to drop out of college 2 classes short of my Associates degree. I was no longer able to write college level papers, think well enough to do testing nor remember most of what I learned in classes or studied at home. After a few years of trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life, I thought about how much my horse had helped me with my disability and how he had saved me from being wheelchair bound at 14 and again at 29. I have always loved helping people as much as I could, so I decided to combine those 2 passions and give free riding lessons to people with "invisible disabilities". The people you see on the street that look normal but suffer from horrible pain or some sort of disability. I also offer free horse training to those people. Also, I offer free lessons to kids from low income families so they can learn valuable life lessons they would never learn otherwise and help give them a chance at a better life. Even though I can't even make it on my own financially right now, I still always find a way to do these free lessons. Luckily, I get a few paid lessons to help me with the cost of doing the free lessons. I'm hoping to start a full non- profit riding school soon, just have to raise the money that it takes to start a non-profit. Either this year or next year, I'm hoping to do a low cost kids horse camp so kids that would never get a chance to go to the normal horse camps can come to mine. I'm hoping to raise money to help the families that won't be able to afford even the significantly lower cost that I will be charging for my camp. I just want to do anything and everything I can to help as many people as I can and also help my community!!!
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